Can someone explain to me why Congress has money to give away to foreign countries, yet they cut the funding to the 9/11 fund? Americans who put theirselves in harm’s way as America was under attack, they get thrown under the bus. The most unpatriotic Americans walk the halls of Congress.

Eminent city

In response to your article on using eminent domain on blighted properties, why don’t you use eminent domain on the whole City of Shamokin? It’s nothing but an eyesore. There’s nothing there except for drug addicts, scumbags and phony disabled people.

Beautiful letters

This is in reference to the beautiful letter that President Trump got from Kim Jong Un. If you check history, back in 1941, the Japanese delegation presented President Roosevelt with a nice letter, too, to try and get peace at the same time they were bombing Pearl Harbor.

Expensive hobby

For the person expressing concern over the very revealing Mueller Report, please note that the cost to the taxpayer for the Trump golf trips exceed $102 million thus far.

No hiding

The Trump-Russia construct was undertaken in an effort to obscure the Obama administration spy operations that targeted their political opponents, and that was begun during the first term. So now every move that Democrats have made has been made with the intention of shielding Obama and Clinton from scrutiny. Soon it will be impossible to hide behind that artificial wall.

Leave a message

In reading Sound Off today, the article “Close to blight” that they have contacted the code enforcement officer, he is a joke in Coal Township — does not answer the phone, does not want to talk to people and hides in his office. They need to get someone in there that can do the job and will go after the weeds and the garbage that are in people’s yards that they refuse to cut.

Fed follow up

On June 2, the lead article in the paper was federal officials visit Shamokin. I believe there was a meeting held by SABER at the Heritage Restaurant. We’re looking at redevelopment people, environmental people, civil rights people, civil liberties, Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture; all types of civil service employees came to town. There’s no follow up report. Who came to the meeting? What local citizens were there? What was discussed? What was the outcome? I was very surprised the newspaper didn’t follow up on this. Please let us know what’s going on. Some of us work during the day. Editor: We attempted to attend the meeting and were asked to leave.

We didn’t win

This is for the alleged combat vet who thinks we won the Vietnam War: The residents of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) would disagree. And your childish remark about bone spurs and Democrats is funny since that’s the excuse your idiot president used to dodge the draft, while real heroes like John Kerry, Robert Mueller, and John McCain served honorably. The only bone spurs are in you and your cowardly president’s heads.

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