Time to merge

You know, Joe, I think it’s a good that these fire companies do merge as maybe one, and under one roof to get all the firefighters together, because there are a lot less every year. I was one years ago. But you know, it would save money, too, for the companies as far as the apparatuses. And another thing, it’s the same with these police stations. With these small towns, these police stations should merge to save the taxpayers’ and the town’s money, especially being in Act 47, like Shamokin is. And even the school district should, to save the taxpayers more money. People should think about these things, and you think these politicians that are in office would try and push some of this stuff through and do this, for the city and the taxpayers. Don’t you think it’s a good idea? I know I do and a lot of other people do. Joe’s take: I know something’s gonna give somewhere, somehow.

Broken cameras

OK, so we have broken security cameras up at the Raspberry Hill Project. We’re gonna get new ones for over $52,000. And what do you think gonna happen to the new ones in a year? They’re gonna be broken also.


The Geisinger does have skin cancer screenings in May.

Big bear

I just seen a 400 to 500 pound black bear crossing the street at Monastery Road in Elysburg, so be careful.

Wrong way

Here in Coal Township even the police go the wrong way on one-way streets.

Taking those dollars

Hey, a big congratulations to the Mount Carmel Borough Council. You have succeeded in taking our tax dollars and providing no services to the town. Theft, that’s what you’re doing. You’re stealing from the public. You’re providing no services: there’s no grass being mowed, no weeds being pulled, the town looks like a shambles, but you’re still taking them tax dollars. Time for a change in Mount Carmel, time for a change. Voters need to go out, need to get rid of some of these deadwoods that are in there. Time for a change. Let’s go Mount Carmel, vote for change this November.

Fake visa

For those who ask, Mrs. Commander Crazy entered this country illegally by falsifying her Visa.

So-called genius

Could someone please tell me why Commander Cuckoo is a genius, so he says, and how he represents America with dignity?

Criminal president

Donald Trump was a career corporate criminal. He has brought his criminality to the Federal government. Trump has cheated justice in business, now as president he refuses to faithfully execute the the laws of the United States. As president, Trump has violated the Constitution, broke laws and obstructed justice. The number of indictable and impeachable offenses are mounting, yet Trump is still out there flouting the law every day. The time for action is now. It is time to impeach Trump. Once he is out of office he should be indicted for his crimes and sent to jail. Joe’s take: The U.S. House voted to kill the impeachment resolution. Even the Democrats don’t agree with that option.

Go-to spot

I love the Shamokin library; it’s my go-to for everything. They always have programs for children and people coming in with different programs. Its so sad that the Shamokin school district does not value their library. What a resource they are going to lose. There is something to be said just about learning and using a library — even in this electronic age. It makes pathways in the brain you can’t get from Fortnite.

Make do

Lets review here. The City of Shamokin Fire Bureau recently commissioned a broad, encasing study. Problem No. 1 is lack of volunteers. So to rectify this important issue is to construct a new central truck station. Yes, when 99% of those dedicated men and women respond to the scene carrying their personal turn out gear. It just goes to show, you sign the check, you get the results you crave. The last thing the city needs is another debt to carry, bond or no bond. Make do with what you have.

Apples and oranges

To the person who wrote about pro-lifers not going to complain about the federal governments reenactment of the death penalty. We don’t complain about the death penalty because the person is a full grown criminal who did something so heinous he lost his or her rights, including living. A baby did nothing to anybody and has all rights to live a long and prosperous life. Period. So that is why we can be pro-life and pro death penalty all in the same breath.

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