Zero sympathy

All I have to say is I have zero sympathy for anyone who voted for Gov. Wolf. You got what you wanted, you got your liberal Democrat in office, who thinks he needs to think for everyone — someone who doesn’t even think for himself. Gov. Wolf doesn’t need to leave his fortress. He has people go out and do his shopping and he lives in his little kingdom, while the rest of the Pennsylvania pay taxes, which pay for his wages, which pays for his lifestyle. So, all I’m going to say is, thank you, Democrats, and thank you, liberals, for voting for such an intelligent individual as our governor. I’d be willing to bet you’d re-vote for him again, and also, I’d be willing to bet you were the same people who voted for Cwalina and Lewis as Northumberland County commissioners in the past. You are very intelligent people. Too bad, though, your presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, didn’t make it. Too bad, liberals, you don’t always get your way.

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Roger Stones whole case was based off the made up Russia hoax and if anyone practices job justice it is the democrats. I am sick and tired of listening to you ignorant people bash the best President we had definitely in my lifetime by repeating the lies the mainstream media shoves down your throat. I will be correcting any lies from now until the election.


To zero sympathy : Gov Wolfe does not take his salary, so fact check if you don't believe it , or go on his website.


To you tell us Joe:: You have no idea what you are talking about! Stop drinking the Trump Kool aid !

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