Philly woes

It’s time for the Philadelphia Phillies to make a move. Not up the latter — get rid of Gabe. This morning he said we win as a team, we lose as a team. They can’t even beat teams under .500. Gabe, you must go. The confidence has left the Philadelphia Phillies. You were in first last year and you blew it and it’s the same this year. How long will management put up with you?

Keep out

Are they ready to put the discipline back into the schools and homes yet? Our government should stay out of everything.

All eggs in one basket

I see they want to put all the fire stations under one roof now. Have they forgotten recent fires at fire stations? I know we had one here not too long ago, plus numerous ones across the country. That’s something to think about.

Housing authority question

I’ve made repeated calls to the Shamokin Housing Authority and they never return my calls. I would like to know when the next meeting will be. I would like to know how many contractors bid on the window replacement job at Madison Court? Editor: The next meeting is 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 21.


This is regarding the sinkhole at the intersection of Jackson and Stetler. Can someone explain why that is not being fixed? We were hoping it would be done before school starts in a few weeks.

Gas boycott

I totally agree with the person who put in about the convenience stores in Elysburg ripping people off. The only way to hurt them is hit them in the wallet. Don’t buy gas there.

Good job, Holy Angels

Fantastic picnic at Holy Angels over the past weekend. The food, the baskets, the yard sale and especially the fireworks were fantastic. The best picnic in the area. Thank you, Holy Angels parishioners, for all your hard work.

You down with NYT?

I’d like to ask the New York Times a question. Please try and answer it. Why do you hate so much? Hate, hate, hate.

Good candidates

I was just reading in the paper someone complaining about Sam Schiccatano and Mr. Klebon. They were two wonderful teachers and did a great job for the school district. It’s a shame someone is trying to smear them. Also, why isn’t the Coal Township Commissioners salaries posted in the paper. At least 20 years ago they were getting $58,000 a year. These are career politicians who do nothing. Editor: I think it would be tough to be a career politician on a salary of $3,250 per year. The rates are set by state law.

Reading behind the lines

When watching Trump at one of his rallies, I am always more interested watching the people behind him than watching him. At the Florida rally where the audience called for him to “shoot the immigrants,” women with their children stood behind this sexual assaulter and laughed and clapped. What is wrong with them? What are their children learning?

Dems’ fathers

Democrats with liberal ideals are much more in line with our Founding Fathers than the radical conservative, racist, religious fanatics that have become the dominant faction of the Republican Party.

Nippon denso

To the caller who stated that the only difference between the U.S. and Japan was gun availability. Japan has barely one-third the population of the United States, if we are talking about the same place. Are you referring to the island which had the tsunami, which turned some coastal cities into rubble? Then afterwords, just like the U.S. would have, they suffered fires and looting? Oh, wait. No, they didn’t. I guess Japan banned matches, too. Or maybe the only difference is that they are completely different.

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