Understanding HIPAA

Amazing how many people throw HIPAA out there without a clue, even the superintendent of Mount Carmel, when they have an infected person they said HIPAA prevents them from releasing the information. You can say what sports they’re from — you can say anything you want because you’re not a doctor. No wonder people are clueless in this town. Editor: You’re right, HIPAA is misunderstood by just about everyone. HIPAA laws only apply to medical institutions and workers, however, that doesn’t meant the district can release potentially identifying health information about students or employees without opening themselves up to potential litigation. HIPAA may not apply, but that doesn’t mean the district is protected from a lawsuit.

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To "Whom" to Call.....you do know that "defunding" the police does not mean eliminating the police. I know many Trumpers like to think that but it's not the case. Defunding is a poor choice of words, but it's nothing more than taking resources (money) and realigning the funds to go to other areas so that police can concentrate more on police work and not wear all of the other hats that they have to wear now. No one is eliminating any police departments. God, social media has made our society, well, STOOPID!!


When you only have so much money you can't hire, you don't have money for training our police. So if you don't improve your police department you have to make cuts. I guess moving money to others isn't cutting jobs. Give me a break


To Biden a Catholic:: You claim to be a lifelong democrat, well abortion has been legal since 1972, so what took you so long to say this is "no longer my party" LOL


To “ Biden a Catholic”, you can’t vote for Joe because he Is a sinner - by allowing women the freedom to chose how to keep their bodies weather it’s birth control or planned pregnancy. Well, then , I guess it makes sense to vote for Saint Trump. Lets see, three times married. Cheated on all three spouses ( including a por*n star). Sexually assaulted women ( he said so in Access Hollywood tapes). Allegedly rape*d and assaulted over a dozen other women. Oh, and ordered children separated from their parents at the border and literally caged some. And your conscious as a Good Catholic tells you that Trump is a better man? Really?


To COALCOUNTRY 1::: very well said !

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