Recapping the news

Just a recap of Wednesday’s paper, some Sound Off articles. Racism by the president? I think not. If you don’t like it here leave. Where is the racism in that statement? Send Melania back. Back where and why? What in blue blazes did Melania do to anybody? Drunken mother assaults husband with kids in the car. What a piece of work she must be, huh? Indecent assault on 12- and 14-year-old girls. These perpetrators should be shot. Retail theft, drug offenses, DUIs. My, for a small-area paper we sure see a lot of unsavory actions in a relatively short amount of time. Is everybody freakin’ nuts?

Political demons

I would like Commander Cuckoo’s defender to tell me what specific proof, besides the propaganda from Fox News, proves Obama hates police, America, etc? That statement is ridiculous. Trump stated that a minority Congresswoman said that America was “garbage” and accused her of hating America. Video tape proves the Congresswoman actually stated she thought Trump’s policies were garbage, which the majority of Americans agree with. Yet Trump continues with his false accusations. Trump’s demonization of these Congresswomen is not only cuckoo, it is un-American. Joe’s take: Just a thought, but would demonizing Donald Trump be considered un-American? I mean, he is an elected official, just like those Congresswomen.

Bringing up the past

My sister-in-law, a devout Republican, and I, a Democrat, were just speaking about the Kennedys. There were many problems with the family, starting with the patriarch, but that was so long ago, and there were so many good things, including with Teddy. Whoever brought up Chappaquiddick seems so angry, the same as Trump, when he maligns Sen. McCain. Some people will bring up anything as a Trump supporter. Why are you trying so hard? Should we go back to everything wrong that ever happened or stick to making things better now?

Devil in disguise

With this firing and/or resignation, Planned Parenthood finally admitted their mission is one and one only — abortion. Most folks believe Planned Parenthood is good, but it is truly the devil in disguise. Transfer the little good Planned Parenthood did to a good non-profit organization for less money and more service for the women who need it. Cut out this dangerous, untruthful ruse and let’s get true women’s health care services instead of admitted performance of abortions and the selling of baby parts for huge sums of money, while paying their executives huge salaries and/or other quasi Planned Parenthood third parties.

No shame

This is in response to the person calling in saying, send Melania back. Are they crazy? She’s the president’s wife. She is not disrespectful to the president, to the flag or to our country. Those crazy Congresswomen have no respect, no shamelessness. They just go on and on, they must have not learned anything at home.

Yankees’ rule

Yes, I’m calling about the person saying no to the Yankees being on TV in Mount Carmel, and that there’s only two Yankee fans in Mount Carmel. There are more Yankee fans in Mount Carmel than there are Phillies fans. The guy’s just jealous — or woman — and just because the Phillies stink again doesn’t mean our beloved Yankees can’t be on TV.


When the old Shamokin Hospital used to be there, Geisinger used to do pre-skin cancer screenings. Now that they have taken over they do not do it anymore. How come? Come on, Geisinger, bring back the free skin cancer screenings, like you do everything else.

Black dog

I says to this lady walking a dog, “Boy, that’s a nice black dog.” Guess what she says to me? “You’re a racist.”

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