Who else witnessed the so-called American president molesting the American flag the other day?

Say anything

The Democrats are so distracted and distraught over their loss of power since 2016 that they will say or do anything to promote hatred for President Trump and remove him from office. After all this time and taxpayer money wasted on the Mueller investigation which was initiated by a false dossier paid for by the Clintons and furnished by Russian agents, the Democrats are now disappointed in Mueller.

Don’t care

I agree with the caller about Service Electric. They don’t care about the coal region. They changed the weather channel to include only the Sunbury area and different towns there and dropped Mount Carmel and I was told that these places were more important. They dropped the Lancaster news station for those of us that travel to Harrisburg and used to give us storm reports and never put anything in its place and yet the rates go up every year. It is not fair. They don’t care about the coal region.

Who needs enemies?

This is for my neighbor across the street on Hemlock Street, thank you for getting me a code ticket, you did a really good job. But then you want to be my friend, right? Get lost!


Democrats and some Republicans say Trump should rely more on the experts. The border patrol says we need a wall to help secure our border with Mexico. Who has more expertise than them? Trump is relying on their expertise in building a wall. The Democrats say we don’t need one. They are the experts when it comes to anything Trump.

Look into it

I am calling regarding the former Jets organization. I can’t understand how the previous officers refuse to return the equipment or the money. How is this legal? I would like to see The News-Item investigate this and get to the truth of this matter.

Selective honors

I just retired from the county this past December and I would like to know why the commissioners didn’t honor me as a county employee with many years of service. What is going on here?


I am a concerned taxpayer regarding the texting or sexting or whatever is going on with the administrators at Shamokin Area High School. I can’t understand how we have two administrators and paying them almost $250,000 combined and all this corruption going on. Obviously, they weren’t there standing over and guarding what should be a nice school district. They are ruining it for everybody on the taxpayers’ dime.


Since our nation is currently in the midst of “national emergency,” you would think that President Trump would spend his every waking moment at the White House instead of playing golf at Mar a Lago. Clearly he has not properly assessed the urgency of the situation.

Loving history

“Democrats describe socialism as government helping in ways that private interests will not.” I guess the Teen Challenge complex on Snydertown Road, which was originally an Independent Order of the Odd Fellows orphanage, which would probably cost $30 million to build today, doesn’t exist? You don’t see such philanthropy today because people are too broke from much higher tax rates — plus politicians like to take the credit for “giving.” I don’t love socialism, Mr. Strausser.

Nuclear mismanagement

Let’s review here. The socialists in Harrisburg want to prop up the nuclear energy industry in our commonwealth. The very same industry that generated profits and rewarded its stockholders accordingly. The true definition of American capitalism at its finest. But it’s 2019 and the taxpayers must bail our the train wreck created by mismanagement. Hilarious.

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