Pre-existing conditions

After taking numerous presidential actions to weaken the Affordable Care Act, Trump has filed a lawsuit which will finally destroy Obamacare. This means that providing affordable medical insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions would no longer be required by federal law. One out of every four Americans have medical issues that would qualify as a pre-existing condition. If Trump is successful in abolishing Obamacare, these people will be paying much more for their health insurance coverage. Those who cannot afford the increased costs will have to try to survive without medical insurance.

Media blip

Recently, there was a political meeting in Savannah, Georgia, for a mayoral race. On the door of the meeting hall there was a sign that read, and I quote, “Black Press Only.” I wonder why there is no outrage in the media over this? It was barely a blip. If it had said “White Press Only,” you people would be screaming bloody murder. Your hypocrisy only makes me want to vote for Trump again more and more. Whatever happened to objective reporting?

Pope or president?

To all the Trump cult members who are good Catholics, your support of Trump’s border wall goes against the dictates of Pope Francis who has repeatedly voiced opposition to this wall. The Pope recently stated, “If you raise a wall between people, you end up a prisoner of the wall you raised.” Who are you going to follow, the words of the leader of your church, Pope Francis, or the fear-mongering actions of your god, Donald Trump?

Will the real Donald please stand up?

Personally, I don’t care if Donald wants to wear makeup or dye his hair. Yes, he wears it on TV, too. The point to be made is that none of us knows the real Donald Trump. Don’t fool yourself that he won’t show his tax returns because the Democrats don’t. He doesn’t want you to see all the inaccuracies on it. He won’t show you his college transcripts because he doesn’t want you to see his average-at-best grades. Remember, he is a genius to himself. And you most certainly won’t see the entire Mueller report. Not because of security issues either. Don’t you ever wonder why many of the people who were once very close to him are now “lying” about him?

Full businesses

Please, Mayor Brown, it upsets me that you would lower your standards to allow patrons from the AOAA to ride their off-road vehicles all over Shamokin. It looked ridiculous. Such a stupid idea. I passed by Brewser’s that day and thank God I didn’t want to go there with my wife for dinner. It wouldn’t have happened. Let the ring leader Dave Porzi lead the parade of patrons in their trucks through Shamokin. He can take them past all the restaurants and barrooms.

‘Secret’ plan

A few days ago, Trump told us that the Republicans are ready to pass a better and cheaper health care law to replace Obamacare. April Fools! Later, on April 1, Trump said the Republicans will not address a health care law but his “secret” plan will be passed after the 2020 election. For 10 years, Trump and the Republicans have criticized Obamacare and continue their efforts to kill the law, yet never in the last 10 years have they proposed any plan to fix our health care crisis. Joe’s take: I don’t think the ACA is necessarily a good insurance plan, but quite honestly, I don’t foresee it going away anytime soon. Remember, there’s a lot of political pork in that plan — for both parties of Congress.

Vacancy rate

All Gov. Wolf will give the coal region is money to demolish what we have. The population of the area has plummeted. What we need are jobs to attract residents, then the demand for housing will fix the blight as a natural course of action. We need to rid ourselves of the politicians who made Parea Bioscience’s investment in our area into a political football to attack their opponent’s efforts. Then maybe we can finally attract employers.

Plan for ‘Unplanned’

I urge every female, and also males, to see the movie that is now playing, “Unplanned.” You will never ever again support abortion or Planned Parenthood. If you didn’t think abortion was murder, go see that movie and your mind will be changed. It should be mandatory viewing.

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Plan for ‘Unplanned’ - Was to the Kool-Aid yummy?

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