Greg Maresca’s analysis of the recent visit of Bishop Gainer was a masterpiece.


We already pay taxes so that we can have state police protection, now Gov. Wolf wants to add a per person tax to each community that doesn’t have its own police force; in essence, that’s double dipping. Now we have our new lieutenant governor traveling all over the state telling us how great recreational dope will be and how it should be legal, instead of actually doing any type of governing. The liberal thought processes boggle my mind.

Dark tip

Quite a few people in the area are retired and can’t afford to go to clubs and restaurants and, when they can, they meet the fake smiling barmaids and waitresses along with the “honey and sweet” talk with one thing in mind: a tip. No wonder the clubs are dark and the restaurants are closed or open two days a week. Editor’s take: Why shouldn’t they expect a tip?

This is a test

I see on the news this morning in Palmerton the people are getting tested for lead poisoning because of a zinc plant. What are we going to get tested for around here because of the ash from the cogen plant? All the trees are red.

Where God is

Pedophiles are random and all over, but when you have thousands of pedophiles belonging to one religion, it is a cult. Catholics, fight the brainwashing from Catholic schools and join a Protestant church. God is there, too. I am so glad I did.

Fix this

Michael Cohen, the president’s fixer, soon testifies in public. My question is how many decent men need a fixer?

Keep out

I, too, attended the bishop’s listening session in Elysburg. Please understand I am not defending them in any way, as it is clear that the church was or is a worldwide system of protected pedophiles. I believe that barring the press may have been to protect the identity of victims who chose to speak out. The church is working hard to clean up its mess, but only because they were caught and exposed. Frog’s take: And in my experience, the press has never identified such victims without their consent.

Stop it

I think people need to stop saying if Obama did what Trump did. Listen, Obama wouldn’t have done what Trump did, period. Obama isn’t a moron.

God bless

God bless the young gentlemen who paid for roses for my son’s (grave) to be put in the cemetery. I will never forget him. There still are kind people in Shamokin. I just wanted to say thank you again.

Wrong number

I just came from church; it is Sunday morning. The Mother Cabrini bulletin reads that if you know of any child that is being abused by any member of the clergy, you are supposed to call the diocese. I don’t know why you would call them. They haven’t done anything yet. The only advice anybody should be given is if a child is being abused, call the police. Anybody that would call the diocese needs their head examined.

Your opinion, man

Dear News-Item, regarding the listening session, the problem with giving Maresca front page coverage is that many people may believe that it was a news story rather than his opinion, which, quite frankly, had little audience agreement. Promoting Pre-Vatican II faith practices is never happening and is certainly out of touch with most Catholics, nor was it the purpose of the meeting. Frog’s take: It was clearly marked as an analysis piece.

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