Quick response

To ‘Cheaper in America’: I am ecstatic that an American company is going to invest in the state. If they wouldn’t have been so greedy in the first place, they wouldn’t have left the American worker. You better look at the larger picture on the tariff debacle. More than 300 CEOs came forward and said they’re shaky about the future of hiring and investing.

Den Mar obstacle course

Den Mar gardens is starting to look like a junkyard with all the old vehicles parked on the street instead of parking on their own property, which they could always do for extra cars or trucks. You can’t even make a turn in some cases, and in others it’s like an obstacle course. Park on your property, not on your street.

News is biased

The Associated Press said there were 15% more days of unhealthy air in the last two years and blame it on President Trump, even though they know it was caused by wildfires. It’s called biased by commission, just like the Covington High School kid and the Jussie Smollett case. They didn’t investigate it at all, they just jumped on the fake news wagon. They blame President Trump for the fake news monicker — they’re blinded by their hate. They can’t see that its because of their reporting that they’re labeled fake news.

Retainer payment

What did attorney Smith of Kulpmont’s sewer authority get paid in total for 2018? What’s his retainer and hourly rate? I bet it’s much higher than what Kulpmont council is paying.

Got a cheap laugh

I wanted a good laugh so I put on CNN and listened to the likes of Corey Booker and (Kamala) Harris, who say America was never great and the 29-year-old bartender whiz kid says the people being held at the border are in concentration camps. This is what the Democrats want to be president and to run Congress? I couldn’t take anymore, so I turned on a movie, but I did get a good laugh.

Another mess

This is another fine mess you got us into, Trumpy.

Racist roots

In 1860, the Democrats owned 4,000,000 slaves and the Republicans owned 0. After the Civil War, the Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws.

Shoe on the other foot

If there was an Iranian drone flying near New Jersey, you think we would shoot it down?

Looking up

Way to go, Shamokin Area School District, you’re starting to work on the teacher issues out at the elementary school, now let’s start at the high school.

Exercise in futility

Good job, Walter Lutz and borough council, for looking out for Kulpmont citizens. The problem is, you’re trying to protect our pennies while the Mount Carmel Area School District is taking our dimes and quarters.

Good job, Cook

I was just reading in the paper about the Shamokin school board meeting. Thank God for Steve Cook. At least we know we have one sensible board member. Thank you, Mr. Cook, for not belonging to the good ol’ boys club. I am ready to retire and I don’t want to stress over how I can pay for this increase. Thank you, Shamokin school board.

Keep hiring!

Costs are increasing and performance is declining. I am not referring to a failing business, but the Mount Carmel Area School District. Enrollment is significantly declining, but we have more teachers, staff and administration than ever.

Animals can feel

Shame on you, animal hater. Dogs may not be people, but God created them with the same physical feelings as man. It’s people like you that should mind your own business. God bless those who care for all of God’s creatures. I bet these are the same people who would be willing to help you if you needed it.

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