Textbook case

The Mayo Clinic’s website should have a photo of Trump next to their description of “narcissistic personality disorder.” The symptoms described are textbook Trump: requires constant admiration, exaggerates achievements and talents, preoccupied with beauty or the perfect mate, monopolizes conversations and belittles people, expects special favors and unquestioning compliance, unable or unwilling to recognize the needs or feelings of others.

Time and sacrifice

I recently read in your newspaper that Kulpmont Borough councilmen and fire company officers reinstated their pay for 2019, which means they will get a monthly paycheck. Some of these councilmen are the same people who ridiculed the sewer authority for meal expenses. Totally baffled that they can be compensated for their time but the sewer authority board members can’t. All of these people take time away from their families to serve in these offices.

Reeling in the liars

It is always amusing that there are those who attempt to justify Trump’s pathological lying by mentioning others mistruths. Somehow they never mention the weapons-of-mass-destruction lie that lead to a 17-year senseless war. At any rate, what is the point? My liar is better than your liar? Citizens have a right to demand the truth. If we had a Pinnochio contest, Trump would be the worldwide champion.

Don’t fence me in

The people along the border do not want a fence. Forty percent of the southern border trade is with Mexico. Ranchers do not want their land taken by eminent domain. A good negotiator knows when to concede.

Against the law

I don’t think the commissioners should make a settlement or donation to the township for the youth center. That is affecting all of Northumberland County’s taxpayers, and I don’t see how they benefit by giving the money to the township in any way of a permit or a donation. I think the fee is ridiculous and against the law.


As far as climate change goes, it is a hoax. It says in the Bible before Jesus returns there will be numerous earthquakes and signs on the earth.

Empty words

Why can’t we just use thoughts and prayers to protect the border? That is what we use to protect schools.

Courtesy car

So staff members at the county prison are allowed to leave their keys in their vehicles, that way released inmates can use their vehicles to go where they have to go. Good idea. That saves time and money apparently, but not in the long run. That is crazy.


So, New York City will spend $100,000 to expand healthcare to 600,000 city residents without healthcare, including illegal immigrants. Another slap in the face to the working people and another reason illegal immigrants are so anxious to come. For the freebies. Don’t give them anything and they won’t come.

Publicity stunt

I thought it was appropriate that on Trump’s visit to Texas he was shown tunnels under the border used by illegal immigrants. I think the photos of big holes cut in the metal slat wall Trump has recently been promoting was particularly comical. Anyone with half a brain knows a wall will do little to stop illegal immigration. Trump’s wall is a $5 billion publicity stunt.

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