Lack of respect

After watching our president’s speech, Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself with her head nodding and her reading her paper in her little folder. It was a total lack of respect. She was foaming at the mouth because she couldn’t speak. And the women in white? They are congresswomen? They acted like teenagers.

Alternate route

So I see we’re “Taking it to the Streets” again with the four-wheelers. I get the fact this was a big deal in terms of business and income for this area, and I appreciate the effort and initiative, but why do the organizers insist on having them go through these small alleys in the Academy Hill section where the noise and fumes from the machines are unbearable?

Party of fleecing

Where was I before the tariffs? I was arguing against Cash for Clunkers, multiple wars and everything else that was mentioned. I will add the largest heist in history — the $4.5 trillion banker bailout. I was against all of it. You should break out of the “two-party” mindset and be against all of it, too. We are getting fleeced.

The real emergency

In his state of the union address, Trump promised to spend $500 million to eradicate childhood cancer. Compare that to the $5.7 billion Trump wants to spend to build a Mexican border wall to protect us from a nonexistent hoard of murderous criminals invading the U.S. What do you fear more, your child or grandchild being diagnosed with cancer or immigrants crossing the border? Cancer is a national emergency; the border wall is a Trump political stunt.

Demeaning names

Trump is busy making up demeaning names for his opponents. He could be universally known as Pinocchio or perhaps Boris Badenov. Editor’s take: We’re getting nowhere if we resort to the same.

Outrageous reporting

The Washington Post ran a Super Bowl ad defending reporters. Why does the news media keep defending themselves? Could it be because of the outrageously false reporting of Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student. There is no defense for this kind of reporting. You don’t have to tell us whether you’re fake or not; we’ll know it.

Jobs for all

Another brilliant putout by the Democrats, Cortez. She said she wants to stop the cows from passing gas; also take your cars, airplanes; limit travel; clean up the environment. She wants to give a job to everybody, but if you don’t want to work, you’ll still get paid. Give everything away for free. Boy, am I glad we’ll have another opportunity to vote for Trump.


On Feb. 3, The News-Item posted no Trump negative Sound Offs. I was hoping it would happen some day; glad it did. Thank you so much.

Praying for Democrats

Gov. Cuomo of New York supports birth-day abortion. I pray that Democrats who believe in God are against killing babies. Babies have a right to life.

Quickly forgotten

To all you Trump bashers who complain about what he did before he was president, how quickly you forgot what Clinton did in the White House while he was still president.

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