Doesn’t make sense

I’m in my 70s and I never heard a Republican say voter ID would disenfranchise the voters. The Democrats keep saying it would disenfranchise minorities. They’re inferring minorities are too dumb to get a voter ID? I don’t think they are, so why do the Democrats keep saying it? It’s really getting old.

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Worker Shortage?

I have been a small business employer for over 40 years and the last twenty years I was always been one to two employees short. Unemployment compensation was absolutely needed due to Covid-19 related closures. The "working class" still needed to pay rent, utilities, and food. Stimulus checks were started by Trump and Congress. The labor shortage in our area is caused by "our own" long times citizens who have been unwilling to work for decades. Most employers would welcome people of all colors who are more then willing to work!

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