Fix the flag

The American flag flying outside of Clover Hose Fire Co. is a damn disgrace. It’s America Armed Forces Day and something needs to be done.

Open the pool!

Anyone know why the Shamokin pool doesn’t open for Memorial Day weekend? We ask about this every year and nobody seems to care. Then they wonder why people get a pass and go to Knoebels.

Stop the protests

I’ve been watching the news — different channels — and everywhere women are protesting the laws that are being signed in states like Georgia and Alabama about the heartbeat law. They are saying that women’s reproductive rights have to be maintained. Let’s clarify this issue right now. It’s not about women’s reproductive rights. No one wants to take that away. I ask this question: What about the rights of unborn children? They’re human beings, what about them? I think it’s a shame when you have women going on TV and protesting for the right to kill their own children.

An effective strike

The new sex strike is excellent. It will end all abortions. Great job.

What’s the problem?

If a person is always drunk, he has a drinking problem. If a country is always at war, does it have a peace problem or a war problem?

Good call

In regards to “War on babies” and Gov. Wolf, I agree with the caller. You know, they just don’t get it do they? Babies are being terminated but they say it’s not a life, but they’ll call it a double homicide if a pregnant woman is killed. What a contradiction.

Impeachment looms

To all you Donald Trump supporters: When they impeach Donald Trump, if he gets put out of the White House, don’t complain.

What about guns?

Every child had a heartbeat before being shot dead. Where’s that righteous Republican pro-life outrage?

Stupid call

I just read a conundrum call in Sound Off, or should I call it a somewhat stupid call. The caller said Bill Clinton did lie in a deposition, but unlike Trump, Clinton agrees with rule of law. What a stupid statement. Clinton lied to Congress and he lost his license to practice law because he broke the law by lying to congress.

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