Down the chimney

Santa and his reindeer are getting ready to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. of the most incompetent and corrupt administration in memory. Oh, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Michael Flynn — down the chimney you go. No, you are already gone. With Rudolph leading the new team of congressmen, expect others to be gone very soon. They’re getting ol’ Marley’s chains and cuffs ready.

Black market

Australians today are more at risk of gun violence than ever before as a vibrant underground black market for semi-auto handguns is supplying criminals at an alarming rate. Handguns are prohibited for the law-abiding citizens. Surely confiscation and prohibition would work in the USA?


I am writing concerning the woman who was fired from her teaching position at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School. She will get another job, but will her students get another caring teacher? I know parents who desperately want to keep their children enrolled at Lourdes, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of incentive to stay. I’m a Catholic, and I firmly believe in my Catholic faith, which is rooted in the teachings of God. “Do not judge, lest you be judged.” So then I wonder, “What would Jesus do?”

Build it and they don’t come

Not more than one month ago there was an article in The News-Item that indicated student enrollment at Bloomsburg University was declining. So why would you build a new $33 million dollar building for students if in fact the enrollment is in decline? Maybe they should repurpose some of their other buildings and save the state $33 million. This isn’t a case of you build it and they’ll come.

Selective screening

Metal detectors detect bullets, right? Perhaps Shamokin should send their metal detectors back to the manufacturer. They’re obviously malfunctioning. Or maybe it’s just the fact that only select students actually pass through the detectors on a daily basis. Not all students are screened. A metal detector would detect a Super Bowl ring, so I imagine it would detect a bullet.

Always right

Trump’s use of executive privilege is an avenue for his lawlessness. He is like a crook, a fox with keys to the hen house who lies, cheats, slanders American leaders, allies and institutions. He hates the judicial system, claims omniscience stating he doesn’t need to study anything because his gut is always right. That explains why the only thing in his head is his ego!

Screwed up

How outraged can I become? Next week the commonwealth will be handing out “free” naloxone to anyone who wants it from the state health centers. Free anti-overdose medication for the druggies. Great, how about the people who need insulin and can’t afford it or heart medication and can’t afford it? How about free drugs for the elderly who live on a pittance of Social Security? Nope, they’re left to suffer on their own while those who decide to do illegal drugs and OD get free medication so that they can do it over and over again. How screwed up is this?

Morality issue

I want to know where Sister Mary Ann Bednar’s outrage was when the priest and bishops were molesting children and hiding their crimes. Wasn’t this a major transgression against the morality code of the Church? Yet she didn’t speak out once against these priests or bishops. Not once. We didn’t hear a peep out of her. Her silence spoke volumes on her morality.

Aqua issue

I would love to thank the water company for starting a job in the 1400 block of Scott Street, then taking a handful of days off, not returning the cones to the street, even the day before, to let residents know they were returning, then blocking the street off with the majority of cars on the block, and no notices given about the dirty water. Way to drop the ball, Aqua!

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