Here is a novel idea. How about everybody switch the news they watch for one week. Let’s call it a social experiment. Everyone try and listen to the other side for one week. Is it even possible? We can start on a Monday and come back the following week with our Sound Off. I wonder if we get any closer as a people or if we just hate each other even more. Anyone interested?

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Coal Peak: why should we stop burning coal? How about acid rain; black lung; shortened lifespans due to asthma and lung disease; polluted streams; and lets not forget the effects on the climate, ie climate change ( unless Joe you are a “ denier”). The fact that others are doing something that’s bad does not make it alright to do it too. I last used that excuse in eighth grade. There are cleaner, more sustainable types of energy available. Using cleaner is the unselfish thing to do if you have or plan to have children and grandchildren.

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