Here is a novel idea. How about everybody switch the news they watch for one week. Let’s call it a social experiment. Everyone try and listen to the other side for one week. Is it even possible? We can start on a Monday and come back the following week with our Sound Off. I wonder if we get any closer as a people or if we just hate each other even more. Anyone interested?

Coal peak

Sad, but true. Coal “peaked” in 1920. Producing and burning it today is selfish, as the effects on the environment and our grandchildren will be devastating. Joe’s take: I believe you are correct, caller, in regard to coal’s peak. However, why does the U.S. have to stop burning coal, but yet it is OK for nations such as China or India to do so? Won’t their burning of coal hurt the planet too? Also, Russia and Japan are very coal-dependent nations.

Think about it

Just this week an accused murderer and accused terrorist are using Fox News indoctrination and supporting Trump as defenses for their crimes. I support Bernie, and I watch The Majority Report on YouTube. Neither is perfect, but, at the same time, they are being used as a defense for sending people bombs in the mail. Now, I’m not telling anyone what to watch or who to support, but at the very least this should give Fox viewers and Trump supporters something to think about.

Gone mental

The five federal inmates on death row are going to be executed because they molested, raped and murdered very young children. And anybody who doesn’t think they should go has mental issues.

Razzy cams

I’ll bet the security cameras up the Razzy get damaged.

Relax, fans

Wow! Anti-Yankees fans on here make me laugh. Relax. It was just a question about Service Electric giving the option of getting the YES Network. By the way, I’m 6-1 and 172 pounds; I’m not fat.

Hall of famer?

Yes, I would like to know why Dennis Dick, who played in the year of the jointure, is not in the hall of fame? That kid was one of the best football player I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching football at Shamokin since 1959. This guy could do it all. There was one game where he had three interceptions against Berwick. He beat Mount Carmel single-handedly, and Blue Mountain — I cannot believe that this kid had problems in his life that the kid is not in the hall of fame. I think he graduated 1966 or ’67; he was a well-rounded athlete. Baseball, basketball; he was a starter in every sport. He was a great football player; he should be in the hall of fame. Don’t wait ’til he’s not here anymore and then put him in. He deserves to be in, he was one of the greatest running backs of all time at Shamokin, and defensive backs. Thank you.


Tuition-paying parents at our local Catholic high school should make sure that scholarships allotted are based on need, not on basketball ability. Recruiting seems to be spreading out on all areas.

Birth crime

Whoever wrote the article about the death penalty and fetuses has a terrible problem. How can you even compare people who torture, rape and kill a 2-year-old being given the death penalty, to innocent lives that their only crime is wanting to be born. Just think, did you commit a crime by being born. I don’t think so. But you’re not willing to give that opportunity to future human beings.

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Coal Peak: why should we stop burning coal? How about acid rain; black lung; shortened lifespans due to asthma and lung disease; polluted streams; and lets not forget the effects on the climate, ie climate change ( unless Joe you are a “ denier”). The fact that others are doing something that’s bad does not make it alright to do it too. I last used that excuse in eighth grade. There are cleaner, more sustainable types of energy available. Using cleaner is the unselfish thing to do if you have or plan to have children and grandchildren.

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