Read the report!

The writer of the letter “Inconvenient Truth,” clearly has not read the Mueller Report.

Ross is boss

Let me tell it to you straight. Ross Perot would have been president if he had been cute enough or handsome enough. That’s the facts, Jack. He would have saved this country then and it wouldn’t be a mess. God bless him.

Watch your offspring

This is for the parents on Packer and Lombard: Watch your kids.

Quick question

I have a question for right-wingers. How are you so confident in your opinions? When I have no idea what I’m talking about, I shut up, listen and learn. Almost every Sound Off statement or letter to the editor is factually incorrect or a complete misunderstanding of the subject. Just in the last week, statements on taxes, the environment, presidential history and immigration are factually incorrect. Ken Young thinks saying “not true” is some kind of argument. It’s embarrassing.


Former Clinton and Obama state department official Candace Claiborn received seven years in prison for being a traitor with China. So much for Obama’s no-scandal administration.

Check out Joe

They should check Joe Biden’s income tax for the last 20 years. How could he donate millions to charities while working for the government? Editor: Probably how most big-name politicians make their money — putting their names on books other people write and raking in millions. It’s a consequence of the majority of Americans viewing politicians more as celebrities than public servants.

Anyone for hire?

Why is it so difficult to get a local company or handyman to come around and do some work if it’s not a $1,000 job? I am a disabled veteran. I keep calling these people and I get no answers — they won’t call me back. Come on guys, let’s help the senior citizens here.

Long tenure

Should there be term limits for this Ron Miller guy? Thirty years at the housing authority and no one has questioned him?

Border housing

This is in reference to the housing on the border with people being incarcerated in Trump’s concentration camps. Why doesn’t the president go down to see how bad things are? Maybe he can go down there and make sure things get straightened out.

Thanks, News-Item!

Thanks you to The News-Item for printing to schedule for the MCAJBL Championships and a special thank you to Jay McAndrew for calling it in. Jay for president!

Planned abortion

How would we know how many abortions occur in the third semester? The organizations that refer and perform abortions like Planned Parenthood haven’t told the truth in years. They don’t perform mammograms at all or any health care services that could not be done by your doc or a valid legal public service organization. Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business and makes 90% of its revenues from abortion referrals and selling baby parts. Why should we fund them with our tax dollars?

US haters

The two most despicable words in the English language are political correctness. This is used by weak people seeking attention. The infamous Colin Kaepernick comes to mind, followed by the St. Louis Park, Minnesota, city council who have decided to ban the Pledge of Allegiance before starting its meeting. Let’s not forget the majority of the Democratic presidential candidates who appear to be in favor of anything that would eventually destroy our country. By the way, I’m a registered Democrat, but there comes a time when patriotism and common sense take preference. So let’s not make it political folks, use your love of the United States, before bowing to these purveyors of hatred for this country.

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