So what?

Sunday’s Soundoff caller, who said “so what” if the Russians bailed Trump out of his bankruptcies, must live in the same alternate reality as Trump. Taking millions from the Russian mafia is called criminal money laundering, which means the U.S. president is compromised by the Russians, that is why Trump kisses up to Putin. Also, you must have missed Fox News’ Sheppard Smith’s report stating that the Hillary Uranium One conspiracy theory was bogus, and so what, Hillary is not president, Comrade Donald Trump is in the White House. Joe’s take: Oh, so it’s “so what” if Hillary may have compromised national security interests when she was secretary of state? It only matters if the person is a certain president? Thanks for clearing that up.

Council’s thoughts

I agree with the caller in regard to the condition behind 700 Fir St. What is council thinking letting them dump dirt, pieces of cement curbs and macadam? No amount of work can ever make that dump acceptable. This current council used to call that area Bruno’s Duck Pond. Now we can name it Lutz’s Snake Pit. They better call DEP on themselves.

Jesting about Kate

Joe, surely, you jest with your comment, about my Sound Off concerning Kate Smith. “Patriotic songs” was the caption title you used for the NFL teams not wanting her “God Bless America” song played at their games. Will someone please explain how football teams/players got so powerful to trash this much beloved and respected American patriot. I’ll be waiting and watching for another of your failed attempts at humor. Enough said. Joe’s take: I must have read that one wrong, caller. If I did, I apologize.

Mein Vaterland

No matter how hard president Trump tries to promote Mexicans and Muslims as the new classes to hate, people still go back to their old standby of hating the wealthy and Jews. They need to get with the times. What do they think this is? The days of Germany, with a dictatorial president demanding our Real-ID compliant papers, building border walls and running the currency in to the ground? When the Stasi tell you to get in to the cattle car, you get in. I mean the TSA, sorry. Deutschland. I mean, the homeland, must be secured. A free press with protected whistleblowers? Nicht! Lieben Assange! Joe’s take: Stasi? Um, wrong era. The Stasi was formed in 1950 by the communist government in East Germany. Hitler and the Nazis, by that time, were kaput.

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Joe: if you cannot add something that is substantive and factual, best you stop commenting. You sound pretty stupid.


to the editor of Sound off - your comments lately have been showing that you are a true trumpian that believes Fox News lies.


So what? - Joe, your red is shining brightly again...What happened to being unbiased??? Oh how quickly we forget...

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