Poll question

Two of every three Americans believe Donald Trump committed crimes before he was elected. Polls also reported that 45 percent of Americans now think Trump committed crimes while serving as president. If the majority of Americans believe Trump is a criminal, then these citizens must stand up and demand that their Congressmen and Senators take action to make sure that Trump is removed from office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Liars everywhere

To all you Trump haters our there, did you conveniently forget that the dossier that started this whole witch hunt investigation was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats by a Russian activist? The whole investigation should be thrown out because it is based on lies. It has been discredited already.

Wolf is loose

What is worse? A wolf in sheep’s clothing or a wolf in shepherd’s clothing.

Get over it

The Democrats can’t get over that they bet on the wrong horse. The old nag couldn’t cross the finish line. Even though she is out in the pasture she keeps fertilizing the fields. Get over it. People are tired of the Clintons. Now they sound like The Brady Bunch, but instead of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, it is Russia, Russia, Russia. Trump’s approval ratings continue to climb and the investigation is going to make them go even higher. Just like the Kavanaugh hearings did.

Don’t drive angry

Please explain to drivers that the off-ramp from 61 to 901 has a stop sign at the end and anyone traveling west on 901 is making a left turn, say, to go up the rock cut. has the right of way. Put that in your paper before anyone gets killed.

I wonder

I wonder how Mr. Casey voted on this born alive bill. It was rejected and six of the candidates on the Democrat party voted to reject it. If a baby is alive on the abortion, they will kill it. I wonder how all our good letter writers are Democrats and Knights of Columbus are taking this. You are killing babies. Don’t you understand that?

Dodge dogs

I am not typically a Sound Off caller, but this is a sound off to these people who were walking their dogs out at the Shamokin Area Middle/High School campus and they are walking their dogs without a leash. First of all, I am a dog lover, but consider that other people may be afraid of dogs or other dogs may be afraid of dogs. If your dog is walking a hundred yards in front of you or in tow if you are a jogger, you cannot clean up after your dog. Shame on you. My next call is to the Coal Township police and the Shamokin Area School Board. Please be mindful of other people.

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