No such position

I am calling in reference to the person that claimed about the tight end from Mount Carmel. At that time in the ‘50s, there was no such thing as a tight end, and number two, he was not coached by Jazz Diminick. Mike Terry was the coach at that time.

Clean sweep

On this PIAA, I hope they bring in the attorney general to look at it. Then we will know the right people will be prosecuted because this is theft. The administration is stealing time, which is just like theft of the taxpayers in Shamokin Area. I just hope the school district does the right thing and not sweep it underneath the carpet. I hope justice will be served.

Be my neighbor

Cheers and thanks to my neighbors down on North Shamokin Street. We respect each other’s property and keep ours clean and neat. Jeers to the few who can live in filth and not care who likes it. No help from the city. Have to go higher up for help.

My global mind

Defacto Democrat leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says capitalism is an irredeemable system, but capitalism irradicates global poverty while socialism creates it.

Curb your dog

This is for you people who walk your dogs in Mount Carmel and don’t pick up after them If you don’t want to pick up after your pet, you shouldn’t have one.


What is Vinny Clausi doing at the Shamokin city council meeting? He doesn’t even reside in Shamokin. Get over yourself and find a hobby.

Dawdling for $$$

The question posed by Joe on minimum wage hinges on what is cost-effective to hire out. I once had a job which was similar to that of a night watchman. Most shifts I did very little work. I would read, study, write reports and work on computer software. Essentially, I was paid $5 to be available. Employers cannot afford to offer jobs like that when they are forced to pay $15, or even $10 per hour. Perhaps there are exemptions, such as for apprentices, but in practice no one wants the red tape involved, and those jobs are eliminated.


I can’t find anything about the existence of Trulentra, but if the studies are as biased as the ones done for statins, the drug will be useless. The statics used to support statin use are as cooked as they come. The percentage of reduction in events they cite is not based on the number of drug takers, but the number of events in the placebo group. That is not a legitimate way to do statistics.

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