I agree, Joe

In regard to the Sound Off call entitled “Windmill Wave.” The caller’s last question was, “Why do Republicans continue to accept and support this man and his infantile behavior? Joe’s take: “Because he is, after all, the elected President of the United States. That’s why.” Good answer, Joe. Simple, concise, to the point and absolutely correct.

Assange flip flop

Just heard the news about Assange getting arrested. It brings up something I heard after the election where Trump was trying to get Assange to be a diplomat so he could have immunity and continue on. It’s strange how you hear these things later on when something like this happens. Very unusual.

Too many landlord issues

Maybe the local landlords should have their own funded magistrate to hear all their own cases and that would leave the magistrates to take care of the rest of the police reports that fall through the cracks or disappear like they never happened.

Republicans are tricked

A banker, a worker and an immigrant are walking in the desert. They come upon a table with 100 cups of water. The banker takes 99 cups and starts pouring it on his head. He looks at the worker, and says, “Look out, that immigrant is going to steal your water.” And all conservatives fall for this line of thinking. Please stop letting them punch you in the face and blame it on the immigrant.

Coal truck issues

I’m tired of these coal trucks driving around the area with coal uncovered and having rocks smash people’s windows out. Next time you see this happen, call the cops on them and report them, like I just did.

Great governor

Isn’t it nice that Gov. Wolf visited the coal region, so to say. He also missed some other points in our county such as Trevorton, Sunbury, Milton, the former Dalmatia elementary school. Also, the voters need to hold our local people accountable who continue to allow the blight to occur, especially through the tax sales. That’s where the blight occurs, when out-of-the-area people purchase the property and reap the harvest. Joe’s take: In defense of the governor, I don’t think he had the time to go on a tour of every afflicted area in the county. Also, I get your point about the blighted homes, but if no one from the area wants or can’t afford to buy the blighted homes, who else should?

Good students

I’d like to thank the wonderful Mount Carmel students who found my son’s brand new class ring on Bus 82. Thank you for being so honest and responsible and returning the ring to the bus driver. We appreciate you being so awesome. Thanks again.

No victim, no crime

In response to “Way of the wolf” regarding enforcement looking the other way when powerful people do things such as smoke weed, I ask, so what’s new? Your examples break down though because in the case of the lieutenant governor’s weed, there is no victim. All victimless crimes, except for issues like reckless behavior, should be legalized. We should not pay taxes to prevent people from conducting mutually agreed upon transactions that are otherwise legal. With pedophilia there are victims. Simple as that. Joe’s take: When it comes to crime, there is always a victim.


When asked about the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for hacking into U.S. government secret data, President Trump stated “I know nothing about WikiLeaks.” What a bunch of balony. I guess lyin’ Donald doesn’t know there is video, which shows Trump talking about WikiLeaks 141 times during one month of the 2016 presidential campaign. In fact, at one rally, Trump shouted “I love WikiLeaks.” There has never been a day in his presidency that Donald Trump did not tell at least one lie. Trump is disgraceful.

Two’s the limit

There is absolutely no reason anyone needs eight dogs living in a residential area. If you had a farm, go for it. I’d like to hear from the neighbors. Excessive barking, crap in the yard, smells and flea infestation. A one or maybe two dog limit is plenty. They put a ban on farm animals in the township, put a limit on dogs.

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