Library fees

It would be a shame if the Mount Carmel Library were to close, but the story in The News-Item about its financial sustainability seems to point in that direction. Sadly, a few years ago the library even stopped the annual sale of the historical calendars, and when I asked a librarian why she said there was a lack of interest. Here’s a suggestion: There’s no shortage of drug arrests locally, and now there’s free Narcan given to drug abusers. How about tacking on a library fee in the court costs to everybody who’s convicted of drug charges? Joe’s take: Sounds like a plan, caller.

Racial pandering

Regarding racism. A Republican believes “we are all children of God and equal in his eyes.” Democrats believe in superior genetics winning over inferior genetics. Democrats like to talk nice about races that they feel are inferior, but the Democrats’ effort to purchase minority votes have devastated minority communities.

Fast-acting precedent

When Pearl Harbor was attacked, President Roosevelt quickly acted. When the Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorists, President Bush implemented a massive program to protect the country. The foundation of our democracy, our election, was attacked by the Russian government and what does Trump do? Deny it happened and compliment Russian dictator Putin. By not taking aggressive action to prevent foreign attacks on our democracy in the 2020 election, Trump is aiding the enemy in the hope that their attacks will re-elect him president. Joe’s take: Gee, I thought the voting process and Electoral College got presidents elected. Boy, am I naive! Here it was those Russkies all this time!

Top education

It would be nice if our politicians focused on a “listening tour” for equally funding all school districts in the state. Instead it is “listening” to how it can get more tax revenue from its citizens. Education should be the topic of their listening tour. Priorities.

Can of BS

Biden spent 50 years in office and did nothing but be a white sidekick for the biggest comic president ever. One was a racist and the other was a laughing stock after three bids for president. He lost three times. That makes him the same, if not worst, candidate next to Hillary. Joe is nothing but a weasel, liar and low life. He claims he is a Pennsylvanian, yet never won office in Pennsylvania. He is no more a Pennsylvanian than Obama or Kim Jung Un. He spent 40 years as a representative in a little state nobody cares about. He couldn’t get elected in Pennsylvania, so he ran to Delaware. An empty can of soda can win in Delaware. Joe is an empty can of BS. Joe Biden is a loser, just like Hillary and the whole Democratic Party! Joe’s take: Poor Delaware! What did that little state ever do to you to make you hate it so much, caller? What I do like about Delaware is that it doesn’t have a sales tax, and it’s a pretty mighty state when it comes to its tax shelter laws.

Waste of money

Millions of dollars have been wasted on investigating the president for doing things that do not rise to the level of impeachment. A few of his buddies are going to jail. Most of the president’s infractions are based in the minutia of innumerable insufferable laws. Wait, have you all been saying Barr report or Starr Report? Which decade is this again? When Mark Twain famously said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme,” he was serious!

Political magic trick

According to WBRE’s website, the attorney general said $4.2 billion was donated from the road and bridges fund to the state police. Roads are in desperate need of resurfacing. Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the nation and it is not used the proper way.

Noisy town

I think the mayor should set a noise ordinance to stop the sound from these loud radio people. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom going constantly. You can hear them from four blocks away. It should be stopped by 10 o’clock.

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