Poor management

Elysburg Senior Center is closing. The Area Agency on Aging sends a manager to Elysburg Senior Center only two days a week while other centers get a manager five days a week. Poor management is the problem.

Wall of flowers

We went to the Shamokin Area on Tuesday afternoon and saw a family cleaning the flowers and pulling all the weeds at that wall. It is absolutely beautiful and I appreciate the family doing that. It is really nice when you drive down that way.

Red vacation

They should have a reality show where socialists are sent to a socialist country and they have to survive for a year under socialism and see what their opinion is at the end.

That’s entertainment

The national media in the USA is no longer part of the free press but has shifted to the entertainment industry for the liberals and the part-time political operatives for the Democratic National Committee.

Sins of omission

What do Penn State, Michigan State, Ohio State and Lourdes Regional have in common? Answer: Sexual predators whose institutions were more concerned about protecting their reputations at any cost with no regard to the victims until exposed. Reprehensible falls far short of describing their sinful and criminal behavior over decades.

Good job

I just wanted to say good job by Sound Off for printing the complaint about the trailers being parked on public streets in Coal Township by elected officials. The trailers were moved and, again, thank you Sound Off.

You people

The person who called into Sound Off about not confessing to a priest. I think I wouldn’t confess to a priest. Believe in God on your own and not only that, why don’t they let the priests marry? What was the poll that said that most Catholics believe in their church even though this happened? That is so wrong. What is wrong with you people?

No mow

Too bad Coal Township doesn’t have a code enforcement officer since people are allowed to let their back yards get over 2 feet high with grass and it attracts bugs and ticks. Nothing happens. It hasn’t been mowed in over two months.

Doesn’t need help

When the Sound Off caller says that The News-Item is making an ass out of Trump, I don’t believe so. I think Trump is doing a wonderful job of that on his own.

Assured destruction

If Hamas continues to provoke Israel there will be an all-out war and the destruction of all their cities. But if Hamas chooses peace, it could mean a much higher standard of living and a prosperous future. Unfortunately, I do not believe that Hamas is going to make the right choice. They are obsessed with the destruction of Israel, but they will only accomplish their own destruction.

Fade to blue

Old police chiefs and police officers never die, they just fade away into the county sheriff’s pool, collecting previous pensions and living happily ever after on our dime.

Wow music

I am calling about the symphonic band concert at the arts center Thursday evening. It was a “wow” evening of music. Everyone was delighted with all the musical numbers and the soloists were great. I can’t wait until the next one.

Infinite war

The Republicans love to use the term “peace through strength.” If this is true — we are the strongest country in the world — why are we always at war?

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