Taj Mahal

Mount Carmel Borough is going to spend $1.5 million to build a borough building. Are you people insane or are you building a Taj Mahal? All of Oak Street isn’t worth $1.5 million. Offer Wells Fargo $200,000, buy the building, renovate it with $300,000 more and boom, you’re done. You people, grow up.


One to three months home confinement for a hazing death? What will the collegiate admission bribery perps get? Twenty years?

A mother’s love

In regard to the article on Fran Ruzicka: She should be ashamed of herself. Going to the prison board and saying her son is overworked and exhausted and only making so much money. I would be mortified if I was this 18-year-old. It’s no wonder that generation is a bunch of weenies. Mind your own business, mom.

Electoral elimination

Why do Democrats always push to eliminate the electoral college, allow illegals to vote, change the voting age to 16, eliminate voter ID laws and remove the citizen question from the census? Because it’s the only way they can win.

Good Samaritan

I’d like to thank the gentleman that found my wallet on the highway Wednesday evening and returned it Thursday morning. Thank you very much for your honesty.

Hey, Joe

Dear Joe, you may want to do a little fact check. Congress obtains their health care through the ACA. Joe’s take: I stand corrected, caller. However, members of Congress must take a gold-level plan in order to receive an employer contribution. This is similar to benefits enjoyed by an employee of a large company.

Clean up!

I see it’s springtime in Tharptown. People out walking their dogs and forgetting what they leave on other people’s properties should be picked up. I am an older person, and I take care of my dog and don’t leave it for someone else.

Thanks, firefighters

I live not far from where the fire was on West Water Street. I want to thank all of the firemen for containing the blaze to where it was. Thank God. I am very grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bomboy is wrong

Mr. Bomboy, the key word is subsidize. “Obamacare” made people buy insurance even if they didn’t want it. Some couldn’t afford it and had to pay a fine. If someone works very hard and becomes wealthy, Mr. Bomboy thinks he deserves some of their money. I feel bad for the people who couldn’t afford their insurance and their taxes went to pay for other people’s insurance. The people that loved it were the recipients of other people’s money. It’s called redistribution of wealth.

Educating the elderly

I see in the paper that Mayor Brown wants to go to high rises to talk to people and educate them on home rule. That’s weird because most of the elderly, who are retired, don’t pay the EIT because it’s earned income tax. Social Security isn’t taxed under that, so why would Mayor Brown want to go to these private places and places like the Knights of Columbus where it’s not open to the public? Could it be to secure votes for his agenda?

Street sweeping

As far as the street department: Let’s start over. Do away with the union, get rid of all of the knuckleheads up there. You either work or you don’t. Stop the bleeding. You work, you stay. You don’t, you go. What are we paying for?

CT sweeper time

Does anybody know how early in the morning that we must remove our cars for the Coal Township street sweeper? Thank you. Editor response: According to the township office, the crew goes out at 7 a.m.

Foreign aid?

I’ve got an idea: Instead of sending South America cash aid, let’s send thousands of rifles to their most violent drug cartels. Then when thousands of immigrants try to flee the violence, we can suddenly have a border crisis to get all worked up about. We can even threaten to shut the border down. Who’s with me? Joe’s take: Umm... ?

Retro Kulpmont

I like the letter to the editor submitted by Bob Chesney. I had a wonderful impression of Kulpmont when I arrived back in the ’70s. I can’t believe it, but Kulpmont is again slowly becoming the borough it was back then, filled with community-minded residents who are proud of their hometown. However, if you insist on “getting back” at Bob, I know how it can be done: Run for council and prove to him that you can do a better job, and then we’ll talk.

It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky

The story of the Slinky toy, which was invented by a Pennsylvania man, Richard T. James, a naval engineer, and marketed by his wife, Betty, is a wonderful and positive state story. I am trying to get someone, anyone in the state Legislature, to introduction a bill designating it as the state toy. I’ve contacted Sen. Gordner and Reps. Masser and Culver but no one stepped up to do it. I understand it was tried once before but it did not pass. Guess it wasn’t the correct timing. Perhaps, the time for it to pass is now. We need to celebrate it and introduce it to this generation of children. Joe’s take: “What rolls downstairs, alone or in pairs...” (Sing along, everybody!)

Above the law

Trump ignores the laws of the land and gives commands on what he wants to do. He directed personnel to close the El Paso, Texas, border, refuse admittance of asylum seekers from Central America who are protected by current laws, told border control agents to ignore judges’ rulings and insists on separating families, which the courts ruled as illegal. Senior administrators did not instruct border agents to enforce Trump’s directive but to obey the law and not take on this personal responsibility. Trump’s actions are those of a dictator, not a president of this great country.

Windmill wave

Referencing windmills, Trump said, “They say the noise (from the turbines) causes cancer.” He has been against erecting windmills as a source of energy since Scotland built windmill farms offshore across from his golf course. Perhaps they cause his comb over to blow and mess his yellow hair. And now his latest lie — his father was born in Germany. No! His father was born in the Bronx, New York. Why do Republicans continue to accept and support this man and his infantile behavior? Joe’s take: Because, he is, after all, the elected president of the United States, that’s why.

Above the law, part II

Legislation states that the Treasury Secretary or the IRS “shall” provide tax returns to Congress upon request. The law is specific, the IRS is required to comply with a Congressional request and has done so for decades. Congressional Republicans obtained tax returns of Obama officials several times in recent years, so why does Trump think he is above the law? If Trump gets away with not complying with this legal requirement, what’s next? Maybe Trump will get away shutting down newspapers or jailing his critics? A leader of a country who can break law without consequence is called a dictator.

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