Merry merry

I would like to wish The News-Item a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Frog’s take: And the same to you, caller.


Why would a non-Catholic work at a Catholic high school or any all-Catholic organization? M-o-n-e-y. Frog’s take: I don’t think she was getting rich by any stretch of the imagination by teaching at Lourdes. Besides, there are plenty of non-Catholics that work there and that send their children there for an education.

Sullied name

Now the chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, ends a distinguished career sullied from the Trump taint.

Good news first

I am calling to say I am so glad to see Vinny Clausi is going to run for Northumberland County commissioner again, and I also see where Shoch isn’t running. I think that is the best news ever.

Pass the hat

President comb over wants $5 billion from us to build his stupid wall, or else he’ll shut down the government. Hold on a minute. I thought for two years he said Mexico was paying for this scam? Maybe he can pass the hat around at his goofy pep rallies and let his nutty followers pay for it.

Walled off

Trump declared that he would be proud to shut down the government at Christmas to get money for his useless border wall. Trump’s televised meeting with Democratic Congressional leaders to negotiate border security funding clearly exhibited an incompetent and dysfunctional president. I do not like Trump and I was even embarrassed for him.

Money well spent

It would serve a far better purpose for Mr. Varano to buy the pregnant and unmarried teacher a wedding gown than spend his money on a lawyer.

No respect

Thank you, Tony Varano, for supporting a lawsuit against the archaic rules of Our Lady of Lourdes. Where was the Catholic Church with its morality code when their priests were molesting young boys, covering it up and moving the priests on to new parishes? Now we discover that two nuns stole more than $500,000 from a school and spent it on gambling and living the rich life. I have no respect for the “church” anymore. Seems like they’re worse than the mob.

Here we go

Another $25,000 free money from the bankrupt commonwealth. Keep adding up all this money we give away for free and we are into billions of dollars of taxpayers money that comes out of our pockets. I propose that all of this free grant money should come out the of salaries of our legislators instead of the taxpayers. Just think of how low our taxes would be if the government wouldn’t be throwing billions of dollars away for free.

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