Not so fast

This is Joe Leschinskie calling, responding to the concern a citizen had in Thursday’s Sound Off “For the record.” As far as the charges pressed against me by DA Tony Matulewicz, I have maintained my innocence through that and I will have my day in court. I have the audacity to say I’m honest because I am telling the truth in that aspect, and when I am proven so in the court of law, I expect your apology. I am allowed to run for council because I got the required amount of signatures on my petition. I do a lot in my community and I’m running because I want to better this city, and there’s one promise I can keep — no one will work harder than me. I would appreciate your support instead of your criticism.

Wheels of progress

Well, according to Monday’s council meeting, Shamokin is coming along nicely. So why change things with home rule if things seem to be moving as planned? Why take the chance of screwing things up by changing the direction of progress if progress is already is being made?

No illegals here

I see where they rounded up a bunch of good old, hard-working Americans for selling drugs in Milton. We don’t need a wall.

Sore loser

I’m thinking that Donald Trump probably overturned a lot of game boards and got sent home crying from the schoolyard pretty often in his younger days.


If you want to kill our current booming economy, record unemployment, less taxes and religious freedoms you should elect at least one of the “killer bees” — Bernie, Biden, Booker or Beto. Pick your poison 2020. Joe’s take: I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2020 there will be a Democratic front-runner who may not be a “bee.”

No shame

Just read this Quinn woman wants her pension now. Isn’t this the disgraced cop, convicted of a crime, whose father called the judge vile names? Amazing that there is no shame anymore in this world.

American hero

It does not matter your politics, Donald Trump’s constant attacks on John McCain are wrong. The president of the United States attacking a dead veteran who served five years in a North Vietnamese prison is un-American. McCain could have had gotten out of the P.O.W. camp after a few months of captivity, but refused to accept an offer of early release until his fellow prisoners were also released; that is the action of a hero. McCain went on to serve his country for 30 years as U.S. senator. Every veteran and every citizen who supports our troops should be outraged at Trump’s statements. How can patriotic Americans continue to support Trump after he obsessively criticizes and condemns an American hero.


Attention greedy and ignorant politicians ... legalizing recreational marijuana? Where are your brains? You care more about the money you can get through taxation than what harm the hallucinogenic drug will have on our children. You find harm in the secondhand smoke from cigarettes, but think it’s OK for marijuana smoke. You pass the legalization of marijuana, yet do not set guidelines or laws for its use. You are permitting people to drive under the effects of a prove hallucinogenic drug. Are you people crazy? You use excuses that the money will be used for the people. How will the money be helpful when our young children’s minds are warped beyond repair and accidents and possible deaths will increase. Money does not replace life or the quality of life. Shame on your greed and ignorance!

Minor considerations

So the former SASD superintendent gave up certain benefits, according to a director. He is a public employee, so it is no problem to list them. Obviously, they were incredibly minor or they would have been listed. I certainly have a problem with a person making money from other commitments on my dime; wish we all could do that. And a couple of playoff games is the payout. Hilarious. Another director had initial “issues” with that person, later changed his mind. That director has issues with everyone. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.

8 smoking guns

Copies of eight checks that were signed by Trump and issued to Michael Cohen after Trump became President have now been made public. These checks were payments to reimburse Cohen for Trump’s hush money payments made to an adult film star. Each one of these payments represents a felony criminal offense committed by the president of the United States. No one should be above the law. Trump must be indicted for his crimes. Lock him up!

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