It takes cooperation

The article about the revitalization of Shamokin is a great stepping stone. Activate the people of Shamokin. It starts with each and every one of you in town. Thinking back in the 1980s, people took pride in what they had, no matter how big or small it was. They kept their property looking nice — thats where it starts, clean it up. Then repair buildings and/or demo old dilapidated ones to make way for parks or other buildings or businesses. It’s a long road, but with hard work and determination the people can prove you don’t have to have billions to make your town nice, just cooperation between people and their town.

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Lutz was very much humiliated by losing the Kulpmont Council Election by 1 or 100 votes. He had both the Democratic and Republican nominations and was on both tickets. It's almost impossible for this to occur and I don't remember it ever happening in Northumberland County before. I've voted for 48 years. [thumbdown]

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