Trump is an example of a tin-pot dictator. That is a person who is an autocratic ruler with little political credibility but with self-delusions of grandeur. He would be successful being the ruler of a banana republic and certainly does not fit the mold of a president of the United States.

No Americans need apply

Lying Donald promised that he would keep jobs in America and crack down on companies that move jobs overseas. Do you know that Trump’s tax legislation has actually created incentives for corporations to expand operations abroad. Trump’s policies have encouraged corporations like Harley Davidison to move production overseas.

Army of one

Question to the MCASD Board of Directors: Why does it take an army of administrators to run the school district? Joe Warner ran the district by himself, an elementary school principal and a high school principal with twice the enrollment of students that we have now.

Do your job

What is this about Mount Carmel Borough should be giving to the Habitat for Humanity home? No, they should not! That is taxpayer money. If you want to give, go ahead. The borough’s job is to see that the permit inspections are performed in an efficient manner. I know people who carpool to West Virginia to work on Habitat homes because they had too much trouble with code office delays.

Money trees

Once again, the Shamokin school board members must think that money falls off of trees. Another increase for people who own properties that they can barely keep them in good condition and in repair. As an elderly, single person, I have no children in Shamokin schools, yet I’m being forced once again to scrimp and save for another tax hike. There goes any extra pleasure I have by working my whole life just to keep a service that I don’t use and have paid for over these past 50 years to keep it afloat. Are these school members blind? Do they not see that the majority of property owners in Shamokin are not in any financial state to keep dumping more and more money into the schools? Give us a break and get rid of the waste and fat in the budget and stop taxing us property owners to death.

Three and one

The Mount Carmel school board raised taxes once again and raised the budget $800,890. Board members did not offer a comment on why they raised taxes. Maybe it’s because it has something to do with the district creating an assistant principal job. Why does the district need an assistant principal? They already have three principals and a dean of students. If they can’t do the job, find someone who could! This is absurd!

Don’t buy, adopt

I have had up to eight cats and did the right thing for all, including a tiny kitten I bottle fed. One I paid for its cancer surgery, while others in constant misery that nothing could be done to relieve pain I had euthanized. Shelters have gone from one extreme to another. Please spay or neuter; don’t buy from pet stores, adopt.

War hawking

I never thought I would say this, but for once I agree with Trump. The president’s decision not to attack Iran for destroying an unmanned drone was correct. Remember when we were told winning in Iraq would be a piece of cake. After thousands of soldiers’ lives and trillions of dollars we are still in Iraq. Many of the same people who took us into an unnecessary war in Iraq are pushing Trump to attack Iran. I hope Trump is strong enough to take a stand against these war hawks.

Group therapy

The Democrats need to start making appointments for therapy now because when President Trump is re-elected in 2020 (and he will be) they are going to need it. Perhaps, some of them can get a group rate.

State swamp

We have two fine representatives in Culver and Masser, but the problem is in the Harrisburg swamp. Pennsylvanians have lost their identity with Wolf as governor and the lobbyist in the swamp. Our educational system is bad not due the many great teachers we have, but to the minority of bad teachers and unions who are attempting to brainwash our children in believing fake news and propaganda promoted by the New Socialist Democrats. ... Please representatives, don’t cave in to the bad educators, but treat the great ones fairly, they certainly deserve it. If not, we will see more home schooling and charter schools, which may be the answer to our failing bad education.

Great picnic

I am calling about the wonderful Our Lady’s picnic on Friday night, especially to the lady that remembered us and said please take a solid home and reminded everyone to pray for those who served our country. Then she handed out the figurine of soldiers and everyone got to take it home. What a great remembrance, Father Frank, from your wonderful summer picnic.

City junkyard

The water company just paved Rock Street and the city is letting the junkyard put junk on the streets again and leaking oil running down the streets. I don’t get it. They’re supposed to be doing stuff to make the town better, but it’s becoming worse. Get rid of the junk yard, it’s a disgrace.

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