It’s about time

Just want to give my opinion on the Shamokin Housing Authority fiasco that’s going on over there. It’s about time someone challenges this man, because he has too much power. There’s a reason there’s term limits and he needs to get out of there. He does owe people a lot of money and he does a lot of shady dealings over there. I’m hoping he gets out of there.

Half or less

So I see where Mueller’s Russian investigation cost nearly $32 million. That’s a hell of a lot. Just think how much we could have saved if Trump would have cooperated. We could have cut that in half or less.

Worry about the town

Whoever called into Sound Off besmirching the Holy Angel’s Church picnic as well as the Polish Club’s afterparty ought to be ashamed of themselves. I suspect it was a member of council that has a very big and noted mouth. These entities have been around a long time and I’m sure will be around a lot longer than you’re going to be on council. You should be more worried about the vermin and rodents that infest the town as well as it’s very high and growing drug problem.

Church sign

To the supervisor of the Northumberland County Historical Society: When are you going to spend some money and get a sign for the former St. Ed’s Church? All these years you’re spending money all over the place, educate the people in Shamokin. Spend some money, mayor. You have so many jobs, you should donate the money. It don’t cost that much for a historical sign. I guess city council got you by the reigns.

Chinese junk

The president should put the 80% tariff on the junk coming out of China. Because that’s what it is, junk, and everyone should go along with him. Let’s get the factories back here so we can buy some good stuff that’s made in the U.S.A., just like years ago. Everybody wants to make $15 an hour? Let’s bring the work back here and give them $15 a hour. Joe’s take: Maybe this is oversimplifying it, but that’s why the factories left the U.S. in the first place — $15 an hour. It’s a lot cheaper for a company to pay wages in Asia than in the U.S. Furthermore, China isn’t the only Asian country accepting American companies.

Violated trust

Over the last few years there’ve been a number of stories in The News-Item about people who violated the trust that was placed in them by local governments or by service organizations. They stole a lot of money. I have a two questions: 1. Where were the other officers of the organizations? 2. Where the hell were the auditors?

Seeing is believing

I was just informed that PennDOT was actually on 61 with this heavy rain and were actually workin’. I started laughin’. I said, I’ll have to see some pictures on that one.

No more stores

I seen a mess of them there four-wheelers down in town spending money. I seen two at the dollar store and one at Wendy’s. I think there would have been more, but they ran out of stores.

Something’s not right

Why wasn’t money granted to Sam Vetovich and his wife, who is doing something for our town? Would somebody please explain to me, I’m old. Why was money given to Twiggar, who lives in Bethlehem? I don’t understand this. Something isn’t right here with taxpayers’ money. The Vetovichs have done wonderful trying to do something for our town. We do need a health center downtown. A hotel should be a little bit away, but it should be built around Shamokin.

Gas station boycott

I’m calling about gas prices. I was just in Danville, where I got gas for $2.67 a gallon. When I returned to Elysburg, it was $2.99 at Turkey Hill and Sheetz. That’s a difference of over 30 cents a gallon. I believe these gas stations are just ripping the public off coming from Knoebles Grove. I think this is a total ripoff and we should boycott the stations.

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[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Worry about the town's problems and safety, noy your petty grudges.

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