What, me worry?

For being completely exonerated, President Trumpski sure is worried about actual details from the Mueller Report getting out.

Un-American Trump

The Mueller Report exposed the immorality and incompetence of Donald Trump. Trump repeatedly lied, stating that his campaign had no contacts with Russians. The investigation detailed evidence of dozens of contacts between Russian government operatives and Trump officials. It also showed that Trump and his campaign staff were willing and eager to accept Russian help. Those actions are morally and ethically unacceptable, and most of all, un-American.

Gangs of Shamokin

Melee? Now we are dressing up gang fights! As a witness, I can tell your readers that this was a gang fight, plain and simple, and if not for Officer Siko this would have been much worse. Shame on Magistrate Gembic for not moving this volatile hearing to the first hearing of the day. He put everyone in the building at risk by having both parties, approximately 30 people stand/sit/lay around for six hours waiting for their trial to be heard. I’m not only blaming the magistrate, of course. The scum bags involved are at fault, but they are scum bags. What else can be expected?

Scarlet ‘H’

The elephant, which is the symbol for the Republican Party, is said to never forget. Apparently, this does not apply to the Republicans in Congress. Republicans are stonewalling the Democratic-controlled Judiciary Committee’s request for the documents from the Russian investigation. Republicans have conveniently forgotten that they demanded and received the evidence from the FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton, a total of 880,000 pages. The Republican Party should change their symbol from the elephant to a scarlet “H” for hypocrite.

Political bigot

Brian Simms, a Pennsylvania state Representative, berates an elderly woman that is praying the rosary quietly in Southeast Philadelphia outside an abortion clinic. Brian yells at the elderly lady, “Let’s talk about your Christian faith, which shames people!” And then threatens to get the public to protest outside her home. Where is the outrage? How is religious bigotry, intolerance and ageism right? Joe’s take: Sometimes, the shame, and wonder, is how people like this guy gets elected in the first place — and then reelected.

Suing Chewy

I just read Thursday’s edition of the paper and keep shaking my head at the article about the couple suing Chewy over cat litter. Are you kidding me?!? This is like the lady years ago suing McDonald’s over spilling hot coffee on herself and getting burned because McDonald’s didn’t have a warning on their cups. Life lessons, coffee equals hot, cat litter equals heavy. I mean, sorry that the injury occurred, but I can’t figure out if you’re really stupid or really smart for going after a company as large as Chewy.

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