In the light

Congratulations are in order for the city of Shamokin. Thank you city administrator, Robert M. Slaby, and PPL representatives. Those third generation LED street lamps look outstanding. Sometimes being first on the block with technology means just being first. The difference between the city and the neighbors is, say “night and day.” Job well done.

Long arm

Every aspect of Donald Trump’s life is under criminal investigation. The Trump presidency, his campaign and his inaugural committee are in the sights of law enforcement. Trump’s businesses, the Trump organization, Trump University and the Trump Charitable Foundation are being actively investigated. These are the trials and tribulations of our mob boss President. Poor Donald, the long arm of the law has finally caught up to him.

All is quiet

So what’s going on with the Clausi incident? All is quiet for some reason. I’m sure people including myself wrote into Sound Off and yet nothing is in print. Something wrong?

Walled in

Trump now wants U.S. taxpayers to pay for his wall. Why the change from his commitment that “Mexico will pay for the wall?” Walls don’t stop criminals. If Trump supporters want to pay for a wall, let them use their pesos and dollars or start a “GoFundMe” page.

State of affairs

Thanks to Greg Maresca for bringing some clear and straightforward thinking to the OLOL teacher firing. All the liberals want to do is whatever suits them, when they want it, without consequence. This is why our country is in the state it is.


As usual, I very much enjoyed reading Nicole Faraguna’s latest letter. Her insightful writings are always thoughtful and fact-based, qualities absent in most of the right-wing rants masquerading as informed opinion.

Rock heads

First, Trump said he did not have an adulterous affair with an adult film star. As more and more evidence was exposed, his story changed. He later said he did not know about the hush money payments, then Trump blamed Michael Cohen for making the payments. Recently he declared it wasn’t a crime. Now Trump is saying, if it is a crime it is no big deal. Anyone who continues to believe anything Trump says has rocks in their head.

Waste of time

I know all parties involved in this local lawsuit with Vinny Clausi and think it’s ridiculous that such a suit is even pending. Officer Rhoads has served and protected for many years and to bring such a suit against him is ridiculous. Mr. Clausi has too much money and time on his hands that he should invest it in helping poor families instead of trying to ruin other people’s lives.


Thank you to Andy Heintzelman for running the syndicated column by G. Terry Madonna, the pollster and professor from Franklin and Marshall College. In a recent insightful column, Madonna noted that, if the Democrats swing too-far-left in 2019-2020 (examples: free college tuition at public universities; Medicare for everyone), they will lose the support of the middle-class voters who would actually have to pay for such largess. He concluded that, if the Democrats do not understand why they lost the 2016 presidential election, they would likely lose again in 2020 And it did not involve Russian interference. The reasons were home-grown.

Happy birthday, Jesus

Merry Christmas to everyone. I just wanted to let you know we all think of Jesus on Christmas Day. Every year I bake a cake for him and my family and I sing happy birthday to Jesus. We surely welcome him into our lives.

Need help

To the two or three people that keep calling in about President Trump, you got to go see a psychologist. You need help bad.

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