I’m an old person. I keep seeing pictures of Trump in the paper, he reminds me so much with the way he talks the way he uses his hands, just like Hitler did during the Second World War. I didn’t serve there, but I served in the other ones. And this is just disturbing every time you see him on TV or in the paper.

Hee haw!

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Washington prove absolutely that they have the right mascot — a jackass.

Foreign object

The Obama Department of Justice, including the FBI, were well aware that the foreign agent Christopher Steele was interfering in the 2016 presidential election with disinformation, and yet, still uses materials to spy on American citizens and the Trump campaign, costing the American taxpayer $40 million.

Mirror, mirror

Evidence continues to mount that proves what 60% of Americans already know — Donald Trump is a liar, a con artist, a criminal and a fraud. It is hard to believe that Trump cult members keep marching along, living in the Trump alternate reality, following their great leader. Cult members deny facts, ignore Trump’s incompetence, make up excuses for Trump’s abhorrent conduct, do not care about the rule of law and have no problem with Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin. When will they wise up and realize that Trump is damaging our democracy?

Ask any lawyer

Judge Jones ruled correctly to deny the injunction, because the contractual terms agreed to and signed by the OLOL teacher are clear and unambiguous. Her lawyer’s absurd claim about her suffering irreparable injury are frivolous and a waste of the court’s time, because even as a non-tenured employee, her full salary and benefits continued up to the expiration of her contract. So don’t blame the diocese; the real culprit is a shyster lawyer exploiting the situation by trying to make a name for himself. Any first-year law student knows that.

Merrie old days

I just watched some Merrie Melodies cartoons on Cartoon Classics. After about a half hour of cartoons, I noticed they made fun of just about every ethnic group you could imagine. Blacks, whites, stutters, smart people, dumb people, Chinese people, Democrats, Republicans, convicts, Indians — you name it. Before the politically correct people came around, life was so much more fun and nobody got mad about the fun because it was all in the interest of having fun at ourselves.

Focus on roads

I am so sick and tired about people complaining about the roads in Pennsylvania. What PennDOT needs to do is worry about the roads instead of worrying about the welcome signs coming into town. That’s their job — roads, not signs. Worry about the potholes and everything else.

It’s not guns

In reference to school shootings: It’s not gun control, it’s discipline. There’s no discipline anymore. These kids are bad. We need discipline back in schools and the government won’t admit they screwed up.

Wolf is bad

Thursday’s paper: “Gov. Wolf gives his top 12 associations $25,000 to $30,000 raises.” He already took millions off the gas tax to give to the state police. That’s our governor. Keep voting Democrat, you clowns.

More money wasted

Is Kulpmont Council so far out in left field they don’t see our streets crumbling? Seven-hundred dollars awarded to fix a concession stand. When our kids played, we earned the money, pulled our talents together and fixed things. Who will fix this? The street department? Emphasis on the word street, where they belong maintaining holes, not concession stands.

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