Canceled trip

My college classmates from Poland were coming here to visit me in the fall. They have just canceled their trip. Five mass shootings in a week have made them afraid to come to America. Editor: According to death statistics for Americans, the odds of dying in a plane or boat crash are 1 in 2,499 while the odds of dying in a mass shooting event are 1 in 11,125. Sounds like they should have been more afraid of taking the trip in the first place.

Let the pigeons loose

Just a message to all you gossip mongers in Trevorton. I really hate to let the air out of your balloons, but truth be told, neither my son nor I were arrested last week for feeding the birds. Instead of bad-mouthing innocent people, you should be cleaning out your own areas. For starters, cut the grass and weeds in your yard, worry about getting rid of the snakes, do some house cleaning, start taking better care of your kids and your animals. As for the snakes, what we have seen are definitely poisonous, the birds are not; they won’t hurt you. And FYI, they are an endangered species, there is a fine for killing or harming them. And one last thought to ponder: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, which may be much bigger than any bird can be if someone is bit by a copperhead or diamond back rattler. You are creating a perfect habitat for both of these species.

Omar stuff guy

I think I’m the guy from Omar’s stuff, saying a congressman is married to her brother isn’t an opinion or an abstract concept, there’s paperwork and real life things you can do to prove this, it is factually untrue. As far as me watching CNN and being unemployed and somehow working for the Democrats at the same time, what would that even matter? It doesn’t make the facts change? And just to play along, I watched The Majority Report and David Pakman on Youtube. I’m a local business owner, but sorry, no military service to speak of.

Democrat now

Well, I was a Republican and now I turned Democrat for a reason. I see the cash welfare program was canceled by the Republicans, who have no concern for the poor or the middle class. Once again they show all they care about is the rich people. I’m glad I’m a Democrat.

Stop the insults

This is one person’s opinion. I hate to see Sound Off devolve into the airing of petty grievances where people’s names are used in the hopes of public disgrace and humiliation. Hopefully, we as a community can return to expressing ideas and not insulting one another.

No chance

Can you imagine Sanders, Biden, Harris negotiating with Japan, China and North Korea. This country wouldn’t have a chance. We’d end up slaves. Those people are there for their job, that you don’t work. And that’s it. They have a hard time taking care of themselves. There’s no way they can handle taking care of you.

Politics as usual

I was just watching the Elijah Cummings interview down in Baltimore. Mr. Cummings represents the 7th Congressional District in, I believe, Western Baltimore. Which as President Trump said is a rat-infested, drug infestered, third-world city. I watched this congressmen try to turn the tables with platitudes and emotionalism saying the strong people, the good people, the nice people, the hard-working people of Baltimore. He went on and on and said absolutely nothing to address his failures and the failures of the leaders in Baltimore. Typical politician.

Only for the rich

Once again, I’m on disability. And the Republicans show they have no concern for the poor and middle class. They eliminated the welfare cash plan. They are always for the rich and for themselves. As always.

Bad choices

It’s very greedy two former employees of the Shamokin school district, namely Sam Shiccatanoand Mr. Klebon, for trying to want to run our county. They had their chance while they worked for the Shamokin school district and it’s time I think they need to get out of politics. Because when you work for a school, it’s still politics. They are not good choices for any leader in our county. It’s time to move on. Furthermore, we need no more wonderful people who have ties to this area, we need to get other interested, qualified candidates to run, which we do have and, hopefully, justice will prevail.

Big shoutout

I would like to say we have to commend our firefighters, and especially our police department. Officer Siko put his own life at risk trying to help Brea Scandle and all the others involved in the fire. Let’s give them a big shoutout. They are really true heroes. Shamokin, Coal Township, Atlas, Sunbury, Mount Carmel, Forrest Hills — all the fire departments that came to Shamokin, we all appreciate it. Maybe some people comment negative comments, but they were there and worked their hearts out to help these people.

Wallpapered Shamokin

Driving through Shamokin, there are nothing but tax bill fines all over the homes, yet the city is worried about bringing in medical buildings and different things they are getting grants for. They also want grants for the 99 steps. Why didn’t they keep these steps up to date year by year before they deteriorated and were closed down. I think it’s a shame. As taxpayers, we’re the ones paying where everyone else is getting stuff for nothing. They should think about this when they go to the polls in November.

European plan

The U.S. is going to build a new nuclear weapon to counter the Russian threat in Europe. The U.S. taxpayer is going to pay for it. What are the Europeans doing to counter the Russian threat? They are working 30 to 35 hours a week, getting a four to six weeks paid vacation and cradle to grave healthcare. Who’s the dummy here?

Off his nut

Almost every Sunday there is an article written by a local author. Sometimes, when I read these articles I think, and forgive me for saying so, I think the guy is off his nut. The articles are articulate, but what they put forth is nothing but hatred. I think what he should do is put his pen aside, simmer down and maybe seek mental help.

Working man’s world

Watching TV here and I’m watching this Rich and Famous; I thought it was a movie. They’re drinking champagne on big yachts, they put them on TV, and it upsets people because they are struggling today. I thought, why don’t they try putting on TV the poor and hungry? To show the millionaires and billionaires what it’s like not to have money. Let them see what our world is like. That’s what they need to put on TV. Show the real world, the working man’s world.

No-text carriers

Is anyone else getting tired of the lack-some mail delivery in our area? So many errors in deliveries of mail. The other day I got someone’s mail from Mount Carmel and I’m in Shamokin. I have a solution to this problem: the postmaster needs to ban the use of cell phones while carriers are on their routes. I have my carrier on camera stopping on my porch landing clearly texting someone. Perhaps if they weren’t distracted with their phones there would be less errors.

Blame Trump

The El Paso, Texas, gunman stated in his online manifesto: “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by invasion.” Trump has used the word “invasion” many times in his statements regarding immigration. Trump didn’t directly incite this attack, but he certainly is not blameless for promoting white nationalism, hatred and violence.

Video scapegoat

I see people are scapegoating video games as a potential reason for the mass shootings this past weekend. But let me tell you something. I’d rather my kid play with his Playstation than an AR-15 any day of the week.

Cartoon bias

I get so tired of these cartoons and articles saying President Trump is a racist and a hater. He’s not either, he tells it like it is and what everyone is thinking but are afraid to say. It doesn’t matter what color or nationality you are.

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