What he meant

When candidate Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall, we understood exactly what he was saying, and you liberals had to know it, too. If not, let me explain. As a businessman, he was going to make the playing field equal. He would access long-overdue tariffs on Mexico, which would indirectly have Mexico paying for the wall.

Lies become you

All of Trump’s comrades committed felonies by lying to Congress. Why are they all lying?

Tough love

This is a message for all you tough Trump guys: He tells it like it is, right? So you should tell it like it is. So go home and tell your wife she is fat and see where that gets you.

Not on God’s side

A recent caller to Sound Off suggested that if you believe in the teachings of Jesus, you shouldn’t be a supporter of Trump. Are you kidding me? Did you see Gov. Cuomo and the new-era Democrats laughing and smiling as they signed the bill to murder God’s unborn children? If you support Democrats you are not on God’s side.

Slow down

Those driving the Zerbe Township plow truck should slow down. This is all the time.

Bundle up, buttercup

For heaven’s sakes, it is winter. There will be snow and it will be cold. Remember the snows of yesterday walking to school and so forth? We have raised a generation of weenies.

Nothing wrong?

What is Vinny Clausi talking about when he says that there is “nothing wrong” with the Celotex site in Sunbury? I’d pay to have him drink the water which runs off of the property, and not a pretend sip like Obama took of Flint Michigan’s water, either.

Red Dead Redemption

President Trump attacked the directors of the U.S. intelligence agencies saying they were “naive” and “should go back to school” because the facts they reported contradicted the fake news Trump has been telling us. Maybe Vladimir Putin would verbally attack our intelligence agencies, but never a U.S. president. Then again, Trump has consistently taken positions opposed by our national security but supported by his good buddy Vladimir. Make Russia great again.


The Virginia governor and bill-cosponsor both advocate for post-birth abortions for individuals with “severe deformities” and for “reasons of mental health.” To advocate for the genocide of individuals with disabilities is beyond abhorrent. Everyone should condemn the lawmakers’ prejudice and ableism.

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