Apparent actions

Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran against the wishes of our allies. Even Russia and China objected to this action. He called the United Nations a club for people to gather, talk and have a good time. His foreign policies, trade and tariff deals have alienated our allies. Now he is calling on the world community to unite against Iran and halt its nuclear program. I’m quite sure he will not get their help. His stupid actions will now be apparent to everyone.

So drastic

Why does everything have to be so drastic? Slaves picking cotton and Colin Kaepernick in the same sentence. My “adopted-through-love” cousin Teddy Pendergrass had an allergy and blew up like a balloon from peach fuzz while picking. He grew up to be a superstar and my hero, and I am white. My family and I picked all kinds of stuff and canned it. All of us, whether black, brown, white or (whatever), 100 years from now will be all mixed up racially and ethnically. My dad always said a mutt (dog) was the best, and the same for people.

Outstanding show

To the Knarr family, Citizens Fireworks and all others that were any way involved in this year’s fireworks: Absolutely outstanding. I haven’t seen them all, but I can’t imagine any of the others being better. Congratulations.

I agree with you, Joe

To my knowledge of history, I have never heard of innocent children made to suffer for what parents do. I agree with invasion if possible and doing whatever possible to stop whoever is making these countries unbearable for people to live in. Am I right that in war, do we try to not put innocents in harm’s way? My dad, especially, long gone, and other family service members would be proud of patriotism to our military, but none of them could bear to see a child hurt. They did not bring themselves here; some cannot even walk.


Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was just indicted for sex trafficking minors in New York and Florida from 2002 to 2005. When Epstein was asked, under oath, if he ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18, he answered, “Though I would like to answer that question, at least today, I have to assert my Fifth Amendment rights.” It is documented that Donald Trump went into the dressing rooms of teenage girls during the Miss Teenage America contest. I would bet our groper-in-chief was right alongside of Jeffrey Epstein, partying with the underage girls.

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