Pay the tab

Mueller time is over. It’s time to pay the Barr tab.

Rat trap

Concerning Trump and the Mueller Report, it goes to say no rat can run loose without getting caught eventually. Glad to hear it.

Free press?

Trump refers to himself and Fox News as we. So much for an independent, impartial and free press.

Flag meaning

As a veteran and an American, it’s great to see the flag fly. But people are throwing the flag in my face. People who don’t vote, people who don’t pay taxes or avoided the draft in the past and people who are racist. You want to wave the flag? You better realize what it stands for.

Lowest of the low

To the person that stole the piece of rebar that was holding up the wooden cross at my wife and son’s grave at All Saint’s Cemetary: It’s really sad that you would steal from a grave rather than going to Lowes and spending a few dollars for your own rebar. So sad.

Trash problems

I’m calling about the article in the paper where Mount Carmel Borough is complaining about people putting their trash cans on alleys or sidewalks. They should be glad people put their trash out to be picked up, because they don’t do anything about the ones that pile their trash in entryways and porches and their neighbors have to deal with it. They should start being more concerned about those people.

Good job, Joe

Joe, thanks for pointing out to the Bernie Sanders’ supporter that nothing is free and that Medicare for all would cost the average taxpayer a fortune. As a matter of fact, it will bankrupt the country. They estimate the cost to be in the trillions of dollars. It’s hard to compete with Santa Claus, but you have to resist the temptation and realize nothing is free.

One-armed donor

I would like to thank the man who donated $25 to each of my children during tag day for Atlas baseball. The man had a broken arm. Thank you very much.


What’s the difference between the presidents George Washington and Donald Trump? George Washington could not tell a lie. Donald Trump cannot tell the truth.

Earth day

My fear is for the mountains north of Marion Heights. The fly ash dumping for two decades has caused nothing to grow. There’s no greenery and the dust is terrible. Think green.


Hey Joe, if you can’t take the heat, go back to the big city. Ribbit, ribbit. Joe’s take: And which big city would that be, caller? Not sure.

Don’t miss

If you try to kill the king, you better not miss. The hunters are now the hunted.

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