Ethical inquiry

Can Lourdes answer a question for me? How is it a teacher can break the Catholic vows of her marriage with another man and not be fired? Does this break the morale contract you’re all so fond of?


To the freeloader who reads the paper for free: You got problems. You’re a nut job and get a life.

Home Rule voting

It’s a known fact that all primaries are for the two major parties. With the upcoming question of Home Rule being on the ballot in May, will the independents and the smaller parties be excluded? Please have a separate ballot at the polls so the small parties can have a say on this issue.

Editor: All registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, in Pennsylvania are able to vote on referendums during primary elections. You will not have any candidates to vote for, but will get a vote on Home Rule. So show up at the polls!

When’s the trial?

I’d like to know when Dr. Kraynak is going to trial. Nothing has been in the paper forever. I just want to know when his trial is coming up or are you just going to blow it off because he has money?

Junkyard blues

I am a taxpayer in Shamokin for 60-some years, I pay them every year, and I would like to know if the mayor and all his cohorts will get this junkyard to stop putting junk on our streets on Rock Street? There’s oil all over it.

Raising questions

People are questioning a very wealthy businessman who became a politician when they should be questioning politicians that became very wealthy.

MCA musical rocked

I just came from the Mount Carmel High School musical this year, they did “Footloose,” and it was a fantastic show. Those kids deserve a lot of credit. I’m glad they got a good showing from the public. If you missed it you missed a great night out. Great job, kids. Job well done.

Capital punishment

After reading the article about the mother and boyfriend who abused and killed the 14-year-old adopted daughter, no one should be able to dispute the fact that we need to bring back the death penalty now.

Nice job, Bomboy

Usually I cannot stand Robert Bomboy’s articles in the Sunday News-Item. Most of them to me are muckraking articles against President Trump. I have to say his article on measles vaccination was spot on. It was very well articulated and he brought out the facts. So let me just say this is one article I truly liked.

Nice job, Maresca

I enjoyed Greg Maresca’s piece on Noxious Masculinity. The powers that be only need enough manly men to run their war machines. The rest should be silent, docile sheep who feel defective for being taller and for having deeper voices than their female counterparts. Today’s males want to opt of of knowing what blinker fluid is for just as much as the females have opted out on being ladies. Too much exposure to soybeans and BPA plastics, I guess.

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