Thank you, MCA

I have a 53-year-old special needs boy and I’d like to thank MCA coaches — Coach Varano, McDonald, Lazicki and Darrah. The students have been great with him. They treat him like he’s a part of everything and we appreciate it very much. Thank you to all.

What happened?

I find it very interesting as a faithful purchaser of The News-Item that the sale of the Dalmatia Elementary School was given such publicity and believed such lies from the current owner. Why doesn’t The News-Item print the facts about the current owner. In a way, The News-Item kissed his rear end. Now let’s see what happens.

Bomboy is wrong

Once again, Mr. Bomboy wrote an article in which he keeps a lot of things out of context or leaves things out of his articles so that people who cannot read between the lines will believe what he’s saying. Mr. Bomboy, you said at the turn of the century what if the USA built a wall against immigrants. You also went on to say your parents were immigrants, but you left out the fact that they came here legally. Look up the word. While I support legal immigration, I do not support illegal immigration.

Good old boys

I see in Sunday’s paper where Mount Carmel Borough Council sold a property in Mount Carmel to Councilman Leroy Moser and his wife for $1. My question is, was this property put up for bid? Will council put up the details of this sale, or is this just another case of good old boy politics by the Mount Carmel corrupt borough council.

No show

Attorney General Bill Barr will be a no-show at a long-awaited hearing on Thursday because he has largely become a punching bag for the community progressive Democrats, who have become frustrated with the Mueller probe and found no evidence of collusion.

Not charitable

Any democrats who have released their tax returns, I am a Christian raised to give 10 percent tithes. I’m so saddened to read of their charitable giving. Bernie Sanders, a millionaire, is only giving 3 percent to charity, many even less.

Kulpmont sweeping

Why don’t they sweep the streets in Kulpmont from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., not from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.? They’re making a three-hour job last a day.

Generalizing a generalization

The country is led to fear Islamic terrorists, however, our terror and shootings are largely done by white nationalists.


Scandal-free Obama, meet Spygate.

Another shooting

Another shooting with an AR-15 and, once again, we will do nothing.

Trump is guilty

One must recall that Obama expelled 37 Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions on the Russian government. The Russian problem lies clearly at Trump’s feet as confirmed in the Mueller Report. Remember, Flynn is going to jail for his involvement.

Bad timing

I wonder if the Democratic party would have won this past election if the Mueller Report would have come out sooner. Also, a little fact about Kate Smith: She raised over a billion dollars for World War 2. Put back her statue and keep singing God Bless America.

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