Lost cents

Let me get this straight. Sam Schiccatano paid permitting fees under protest, and warned Coal Township that the expense would be litigated. Even though the township knew the payment might need to be returned, they spent every dime, as they will need to raise taxes to cover their loss in court. Now the township is screaming that it is Sam who was fiscally irresponsible? How does that make sense?

Clear as crystal

Let’s be crystal clear here. Being appointed a superintendent basically means your pay covers all hours you may have to work. But also remember that person could not make an accurate snow day call. Ask any parent. But being a PIAA official is a voted and accepted position and certainly never an urgent 24-hour gig. If you think otherwise, that is your issue. All this brouhaha over a person who has not even resided in the school district. Amazing!

Vietnam War vets

Hi, I would like to do a shoutout to all the Vietnam veterans who served our country — who came home and were disrespected by all the people. Today was veterans day for the veterans upon their return from the war.

Quiet release

The Susquehanna Valley Mall is showing the movie “Unplanned.” However, you will not see any advertisement in or around the theater for the movie.

Top secret

If you want to see 100 percent of the Mueller report, you’ll have to go to the Trump Presidential Library in 50 years, since parts of the report are top secret.

Protestant protest

Lourdes teacher, I’m Protestant, and our ways our much stricter than Catholics. Catholics can have picnics on Sunday or drink beer. We can’t on Sunday — it’s the Lord’s day. She shouldn’t be teaching in a Catholic school, get rid of her, keep it strict like the older days. That’s why Catholic churches are more filled on Sundays — it’s more of a free-for-all.

Democrats are losers

When are the Democrats going to realize they lost and they’re losers in everything they try?

Zack attack

Who is Zack kidding that it’s OK to work for somebody else when you’re being paid by the school district? That’s ridiculous. If Venna wasn’t ready for the job, he should have stayed where he was at and Zack could have went another year. Whatever the case may be, Zack needs to be out of there. No excuses. He doesn’t belong.

Sick Trump

That Donald Trump is the most sickening person on the face of the earth.

Kudos to SAHS musical

The production of “Les Mis” by Shamokin Area High School was absolutely outstanding. It was the best performance of any high school play I’ve ever seen. The acting, singing and the orchestra — it was just a fantastic performance. Kudos to all involved, including all the people in the background who assist with lighting and scenery. It was outstanding and we thank you for such a wonderful show. Good luck to the children who were involved and all of the adults.

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Quiet release - Propaganda and lies...

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