Really good show

I was having lunch on Saturday at the Heritage Restaurant and was delighted to see several groups of riders from the AOAA there. This is definitely what Shamokin needs to bring in the out-of-town dollars. Everyone says that tourism is the No. 2 industry in Pennsylvania, and I got to see it at its best on Saturday in Shamokin.

Character traits

Studies have shown that cult leaders are narcissists. A cult leader wants constant attention, total obedience and prizes loyalty over competence. A cult leader covers up his deep insecurity by his grandiose bragging. He is amoral and sees supporters as something to be manipulated for his own empowerment. These are, unquestionably, the character traits of cult leader Donald Trump.

Equal opportunity

Just wondering, what if a boy wanted to play on the powder puff football team? Would he be allowed? It works both ways, doesn’t it?

Natural disasters

If you have had water in your basement then you probably have rats too. Also if you have had furniture or carpeting wet from water in your basement, then you are probably infested with black mold. If so, this needs to be professionally cleaned because it is very hazardous to your health.

Spread the dough

I was watching all the four wheelers in Shamokin on Saturday. They were downtown spending their money and putting gas in their vehicles at the Turkey Hill. Kudos to the mayor nd the AOAA and everybody that was involved in pulling this off. I hope you do it again and again.

People against progress

If Mr. Curran from the Ale House thinks it’s so wonderful to have these people at his bar and he had so many of them there, why don’t he take his bar and move it out to Burnside so they can all frequent his place every day if he thinks it is so wonderful. Most of the people I talked to thought they were a pain in the (butt) coming down and blocking traffic up a half an hour at a time. Over by the Rescue Fire Co. you couldn’t even get through for 20 minutes. That guy had the traffic held up because of these AOAA riders. It’s a bunch of crap having them coming down in these vehicles.

Big thanks

For everything that was wrong with the McElwee sentencing, the people of Shamokin should be proud of the two organizations that got it right. First, the Shamokin police. They investigated and filed the appropriate charges. Second, The News-Item for reporting the facts of the case from the crime to the sentencing. A big thank you to the both of them.

Sums it up

I wish our Kulpmont mayor would put as much effort in solving the borough’s issues as he does posting on Facebook. The picture with him, Paul Niglio and losing manure-spreading candidate Denny Wolff sums it all up.

A few things

To all the people who are complaining that Trump never served in the military, could they please let me know when Obama served and what branch of the service he served in? Another thing I would like to say is kudos to Mayor Brown. I do not live in Shamokin, but it is wonderful to see him attend all of the activities that he does. And why didn’t you put the time change in the newspaper? I forgot to turn my clock back because it wasn’t in the paper. Frog’s take: Sorry about that. There was an old photo about it on the Retrospective page in the C section.

Do your job

This is for the mail carriers on Bunker Hill: Get off your cell phones and deliver the mail correctly. Do your job!

It depends

This is to the person that called in about the 1871 dime. It is a seated liberty worth $16 in good condition and $150 in almost uncirculated. It depends on condition and mint mark.

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