Impeach yourself!

The last administration meddled in Libya, killed their leader and left a power vacuum that facilitated a 21st century slave trade. If you’ve mad at a phone call because the TV told you to be, impeach yourself.

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This is Bruno Varano and the Sobieski Club was highly political remembering it from the 70s to now as a director and weekend/partime bartender. The Democratic Committee held its meetings there to choose the candidates to support.

The night before elections the Sobes would have political rallies for Fed, State, County and Local candidates giving pre election speeches with hundreds of voters attending and free food/refreshments being served. After the election many voters/supporters would be there patiently awaiting the results.

All I say to this invisible A-member that you are trying to misinform the citizens as usual! Why don't you identify yourself? You are probably one of those once a year members that comes in to pay their dues and gives no support to the place.

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