Equal funding

There needs to be equal funding of public schools and colleges in PA. This is the reason why everyone is going bankrupt. Shamokin district should be funded the same as the wealthiest district in PA. State-system universities should receive as much as Penn State, which get buckets of public money. Equal funding. Period.

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Mr Pickles

On The Web: The studies Dr. Rancourt cited actually did show that masks were beneficial to preventing the spread of virus. What the studies he cited showed was that there was no benefit when comparing masks and respirators - both were equally successful at stopping viral spread. Dr. Rancourt is cherry-picking words from studies and misrepresenting them. Wear a mask.


Joe- you moderating this sound off? Why are you permitting racist statements “ pants up, don’t loot “ to be published? AnD why don’t you correct the idiot that says “ on the web” , masks don’t prevent the transmission of viruses?? Of course masks work. Why oh why do you think surgeons wear them in the operating room? Answer: prevent the transmission of germs in to the body. Please step up and stop these racist and stupid remarks. Or does the editorial staff agree with these statements?


Lie of the day. Yes Kayleigh Mcenany said that but if you actually listened to the whole briefing it's obvious she misspoke saying science instead of virus. If you would have watched the whole thing she went on to explain how science was on the side of opening schools and she gave multiple examples. Everyone misspeaks and no one is perfect you should be ashamed of yourself trying to make the Trump administration look bad. I'll be here tomorrow debunking the next lie.

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