Passing tests

Trump continues to brag about passing a very basic cognitive test. My mother had Alzheimer’s and took the test at every neurology visit. The disease was pretty far advanced and she could still pass it.

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I am very sorry for the loss of Luke Mirolli; however I was appalled that the family posted a go-fund me account. That child has been sick since he’s been young and the family never thought to have a life insurance policy? Secondly they are using the school for the service!!! Nobody can use school property during COVID but they can? Finally, they have the nerve to take a donation from Jim Kelley funeral home but then go out of town for burial? Shame on you.


Trump x 5 - "God, I wish I could vote five times for Trump this November!"...You are probably going to have to, it will be the only way he


Lying about Dems - Once again Joe has to put his cent and a half in instead of being an objective newspaper man/woman...Sad really

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