Disinfecting stupid

Only an impossibly stupid person would think you could inject disinfectant into a human body. Unfortunately we have an impossibly stupid person running our country. We had a chance to remove Trump from office while there was still time to save the country but the Republicans refused out of cowardice. Now there is a body count of over 52,000 and rising.

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Your spelling of the word Democrat tells me a great deal about you and your viewpoints. It's an "us against them" mentality with you - it seems. In spite of that, let me respond to some of your points. There's no evidence whatsoever this was a bio attack from China. Trump is a businessman who declared bankruptcy seven times times. Its been well documented that this great businessman stiffed vendors. He doesn't 'take pay' because he and his family are profiting from this presidency far beyond what his salary would be. He has NOT divested himself from his businesses (as he should when he won the election-see Emoluments clause in the Constitution). Last, Hillary Clinton is not the president - neither is Obama by the way so constantly referring to her is just pure deflection. As far as working hard is concerned, he refuses to hear intelligence briefings and has nothing on his daily schedule until noon. Why? He watches TV all morning. Oh, perhaps 'idiots' is a word you may want to replace with something a bit more mild. Maybe 'uninformed' might be a better choice?


To upnorth : KUDOS !!!!

Susan A Yucha

[thumbdown] No Democ RAT could have withstood the amount of incoming fire from the opposition and or the Bio Attack from our enemy in Asia, CHINA . President TRUMP, a lifetime Businessman has weathered the storm and unbowed he works 20 hours a day 7 days a week in His job for "no pay" to continue His quest to make America Greater and many in this Area are an un greatful lot and worse, Cool Ade drinking useful IDIOTS as their Female leader, Hillary Clinton labeld them.

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