Big business flops

We have heard a lot about fake news from Donald Trump over the past few years. A perfect example of actual fake news is the myth that Trump was an extremely successful businessman. Facts show that most of his big deals were big flops that lost billions of dollars. During the 2016 campaign, Trump said he would run the country the way he ran his business. He is on track to keep that promise by running this country into the ground, just like he did his businesses.

Rep. Bully

Brian Sims, a state representative, advocates cyber bullying by offering a reward to find where the children live and then the stalking or “doxing” of three teenage children by protesting outside their homes. Brian then goes onto spew hate and slurs against the Christian faith and Catholic church. For an adult to allegedly or possibly abuse children via possible cyber bullying is abhorrent. There should be investigations. Joe’s take: As a state representative, you would think he has better things to do than taking bad Facebook behavior to the streets. Oh, well, next stop, Sims for governor.

Downtown beauty

How beautiful downtown looks with the veterans banners and flags hanging again this year. What a beautiful project that we look forward to seeing every year. I just wish someone would fix the straps so the flags wouldn’t get caught and twisted because of the wind, and a few of the flags need to be replaced because they are dirty. God bless America and thank you veterans!

Maresca marvel

I have been reading Greg Maresca’s column for a number of years and can only marvel at what a gold mine we have here in the coal region with his wit, insight and common sense approach to column writing.

Chewy nightmare

It was quite a read from that know-it-all concerning that certain Chewy’s civil lawsuit. Obviously, that person never placed an order with that online retailer. We did for a short while but quickly ended that practice. Very heavily packed boxes, rather cheaply made as well, zero hand holes. They must be a UPS person’s living nightmare. Plus, exactly who needs to know what the lawyer will profit? Thought I lived in America, where you and the market set your rates.

Can’t win without Russia

Regardless of the legal issues, it is a fact that Trump and his followers sought out, encouraged and accepted help from the Russian government to influence the 2016 election. If not a crime, it is the betrayal of and disloyalty to the United States. It violated the essence of our democracy that Americans, not foreign enemies, pick our leaders. The Republican leaders, by not vehemently objecting to Trump’s behavior, are inviting more foreign intervention and have violated their oath of office. They should be disqualified from holding office.

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