No show, Dems

Congress was so adamant about having a un-redacted copy of the Mueller Report for them see; raised all kind of consternation about it. So Mr. Barr prepared a couple of copies and placed them in a secure room so Congressmen could go and read it; they can’t take them out but they can go and read them. So after all this breast beating and speechmaking about not having the ability to read the report how many have taken advantage of the un-redacted report? Two, both Republicans. None of the Democrats. All bluster, no show.

Trump backer

President Trump has been promoting lower drug prices for months to reduce prescription costs. Nice that Nicole is backing President Trump on these efforts.

Brainwashed children

So, a disturbing video of Muslim children brainwashed into beheading infidels was not vetted properly before being released. Huh! They are still taught the practice whether vetted or not. It just happened to get out without authorization. These radicals must be stopped.

Show me the money

Our mob boss president is renting eight Trump Tower multimillion-dollar luxury apartments to the governments of seven foreign countries. This a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers included the Emoluments Clause in the constitution to reduce the potential of corruption of our highest government officials. History has shown that Trump will make money any way he can, even if it means illegally selling out the interests of the United States to the foreign governments who fill his pockets.

Rush n’ attack

Donald Trump is criticizing Barack Obama for not doing enough to push back on the Russians during the 2016 election. Yet Trump publicly admitted that during his 1 1/2 hour conversation with Putin, Trump said nothing to address Russia’s attack on our election process. Everyone in the U.S. government has agreed that Russia attacked and continues to attack our democracy, yet Trump said nothing to Putin. Trump refuses to protect our democracy and is inviting Russia to help him in the 2020 election. Joe’s take: And even if he did say something — seriously — do you think the Russians will never do anything like that again? Not likely.

Putin pally

When we didn’t have Trump in the White House we could depend on the right things being done. If Trump was not such a pal of Putin no one would be worrying about what he was and is doing with Russia. Venezuela needs help big time. What are we doing in Iran? That is not in our back yard. I cannot figure out our president from day to day — his mind changes on important things. He really needs some good advisors with better guts than Trump’s.

Follow the sugar

Diabetes is another term for sugar toxicity. Insulin is the antidote for sugar poisoning. Do you eat poison, then complain about the cost of the antidote? Everyone, not just diabetics, should stop eating so much sugar; and carbohydrates, which are metabolized into sugars. We got here because of the senseless war on fat, paid for by the sugar lobby.

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Where did you find your comment on unedacted Mueller report in the first comment. Apparently, fake news., say it and they will believe it.

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