Special thanks

I want to thank whoever it was who shoveled my driveway on Wabash Street. It is greatly appreciated.

Man in the mirror

My favorite column in our newspaper is Sound Off. It helps people to look at themselves and think, “Is that me?’ So, to my neighbor, when you are preaching, remember how you shoveled everyone’s snow around me, but you left an old lady out? I hope one day you are old and it’s done to you. God bless you, neighbor.

Never forget

The Witmer memorial rededication was very nice; however, I noticed a lot of local politicians were missing, especially ones from surrounding communities, more especially from Zerbe Township. That is where the man lost his life, protecting the people of Zerbe Township. Editor’s note: They may not have known about it. Certainly they wouldn’t intentionally show disrespect in such a circumstance.

Bare bones

Now one of Melania’s naked pictures is making the rounds again. One wonders what message this sends to the little girls of the country that this is the image of their first lady. Imagine if Michelle Obama had done this.


From 1899 to 2018 there have been nearly 4 million deaths due to auto vehicles. Last year 40,000 alone lost their lives. This is inexcusable. It is preventable. Ban all vehicles. No nation needs to have more vehicles on the road than people. Autos, they are killers.


A recent Sound Off call criticized almost everyone in the Ron McElwee criminal proceeding. Among those maligned were those who went to court to give testimony about McElwee’s character. That had nothing to do with his guilt or innocence; rather character witnesses testify about the person’s knowledge of the witness concerning the type of person he is independent of the criminal proceedings. If any of you complainers were ever found guilty of a crime you’d be happy to have character witnesses at your sentencing.

Let down again

Once again, Rome has let us down. The bishops are silenced at their meeting in Baltimore. I would just like to know when justice will be served. It is delay tactics one after the other. And all the priests around here — oh, hush is the word.

Where it hurts

I strongly feel that the only way to get the Catholic Church to come to its senses and to support the victims and the parishioners and help them revamp the whole system is to hit them where it hurts, and that is financially. Do that and they’ll come up with some answers.

Sad chapter

Thanks to The News-Item for the very interesting articles on World War I. It was a very sad chapter in human history. Editor’s take: You’re welcome. We again thank Walter Lutz for his thoughtful and thorough contributions.

Priority one

I would like to know when our politicians are going to make Natalie Mountain a priority. It was made a priority one route because of Geisinger and yet the last snow storm there was 4 to 6 inches of snow on the mountain and cars stuck all over. Frog’s take: That road should probably be closed the second some sees a snowflake fall anywhere in one area.

Good pic

The picture in The News-Item on Friday with the fireman sitting on the ground with the hose. That picture, whoever took it, has to be an award-winning picture. It touched my heart to see it. Editor’s take: Thanks for the comment. The photographer was Chris J. Grego. It was a great shot of a volunteer working in very tough conditions.

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