Cameron samaritans

I want to commend the people who took the time today to clean up around the Cameron Bridge. It looks fantastic. I don’t know who organized it, but it was long overdue. It makes it nice to see your city looking nice when you drive into town instead of like a dump. Thank you again.

Take the signs down

About the missing dog in Kulpmont that was found a few weeks ago: It would be nice if the owner took down the signs on all the telephone poles so people aren’t looking for it.

More policing

It’s time for the Shamokin cops to get back downtown in the evening hours. People are riding scooters and motorcycles the wrong direction into traffic. It’s like a three-ring circus here in front of Wendy’s. So, please, cops, come down here and control the streets like you used to when I was a kid and hanging out downtown.

Throwback quote

To consider judges as the ultimate deciders and arbiters of all constitutional questions is indeed a very dangerous doctrine and one that is upheld places us under the despotism of a few people — Thomas Jefferson. He was a Democrat, not socialist. Joe’s take: I’m assuming you mean Supreme Court justices. So who then should be the authority on constitutional questions? Congress?

Asylum in Russia

There’s one good thing about the Trump administration — they’re worried about everyone going to jail but everyone is also wondering when Trump will request political asylum in Russia. He just talked to Putin for two hours the other day. Where are you going to go, Trump?

Drug test students

I am concerned about children and drugs in our schools. I hear a lot of people complaining. It must be very bad in our area. Why can’t schools have hair follical tests done randomly on all students. It will benefit them and their future, and make them think twice before attempting any substance. I’m sure money is not an issue or maybe this could be addressed in Harrisburg at our Capitol. Editor: And what will the punishment be for failing the drug test? Kick them out of school? Sounds like a solution to a problem that only causes more problems.

Obama, the gangster

Obama used the federal government as a gangster army to attack people he didn’t like that stood in the way of the socialist left’s thirst for overwhelming power. He used the agencies of the federal government to spy on citizens, to intimidate the opposition and manipulate our elections. This will have consequences for generations of Americans to come, for her foundation has been shaken. Joe’s take: Governmental overreach did not begin with Obama and it didn’t end with him either.

He’s not great

All of these Trump supporters that think he’s so great, let me tell you some information: If he is so great, how come he keeps putting down our country? How come he keeps putting down our war heroes like McCaine, that spent five years in prison in Vietnam? How can he put down our generals when he was a draft dodger?

Biden and Harris

If Joe Biden makes it as a nominee for the Democratic Party, I’ll guarantee you he will pick Kamala Harris for vice president. She’s smart, a lawyer and one thing is Trump cannot outsmart her. She’s a woman and she stands up and fights and is strong.

Thank you, greeters

To Agnes Adams and all the other former Walmart greeters: I say thank you for your service. It was nice to walk in there and be greeted with a smile. It’s a shame Walmart had to do this. I wish you all the luck.

Reply to ‘Shamokin restaurants’

I don’t know where you’ve been eating unless you’ve been going to a drive-thru, talking about people at a window. Where I’ve eaten in town, it’s good food and the waiters and waitresses are good also.

Not enough experience?

Joe Biden has hired a political strategist to run his campaign. Joe Biden has 50-plus years as a politician. He has never been anything else. After 50-plus years of on-the-job training, he should know how to handle this.

Clean cemetery

Thank you so much for cleaning the Shamokin Cemetery. You’re doing a wonderful job on Saturday. It’s too bad some people in Shamokin can’t keep their dogs from doing their duty when the workers are working.

Good job, OLOL

I would like to say congratulations to Lourdes for having a beautiful father-daughter dance for the children. As a single mother who sends her children there and will make every sacrifice to do so, I have to say no matter what happens in the Catholic Church or at Lourdes, I love Lourdes. You did an amazing job and my daughter is still talking about it. Everyone needs to think about sending their children to Lourdes. Forget public school, it’s terrible what goes on there and bad things happen everywhere, so think about sending your child to Catholic school.

Park in the lot

I am here in Springfield and I don’t mind if they have baseball games up here, but they really need to start parking in the baseball lot instead of up here on the roads and blocking them.

Dangerous intersection

The intersection of 901 in Ranshaw there at the stop sign by the gas station — people don’t know how to pay attention to that stop sign. I almost got in a wreck there. People there need to stop for oncoming traffic, they can’t just pull out. Somebody needs to get on this and a cop needs to sit somewhere to watch this before someone gets hurt.

Trump has done good

I see the latest unemployment figures are at 3.6%, which is the lowest in 50 years. Thankfully we have a president like Trump who knows how to create jobs.

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