Captain planet

Monday’s Sound Off caller who called Trump an honest man must be living on another planet. Does an honest man lie about an illegal payoff to an adult film star? Does an honest man say the Russian investigation is a made-up story? Does an honest man make 8,158 misleading claims or outright lies during his two years as president? If Trump is an honest man, than I am Wonder Woman.

Stone the crow

CNN, MSNBC and NBC just ate crow. They reported and took the lie about BuzzFeed’s report about Trump’s encouraging Cohen, his attorney, to lie to Congress about his dealings with Russia. Robert Mueller, special counsel who is investigating various issues, said they got it wrong. Heads should roll at these major news outlets over poor and non-factual reporting. Editor’s take: We agree with your overall point, but when has anyone who supports Trump ever believed Mueller before this?

Not a wasteland

This is Vinny Clausi responding to Sunday’s “Wasteland” Sound Off about the site in Sunbury where the prison was going to be built. There was nothing wrong with that property. It was 100 percent ready to build. It’s a shame the new commissioners bought a $6 million property in Coal Township when they had a property for $2 million. Plus now it’s costing more for transportation.

Bless this mess

Where is the code enforcer for Coal Township in Ranshaw? The 200 block is a mess and porches are filled with junk. There is a garage on Third and Clay streets that has been falling down for years. Let’s get it cleaned up. It didn’t look like this years ago.

Big shoes

Everyone complains that if the wall was so important why wasn’t anything done about it when the Republicans held the House during Trump’s first two years. Perhaps he was too busy dealing with Kim Jung Un, China, ISIS, economic problems, restoring the manufacturing business in our country, opening up coal industries, building pipelines and freeing hostages, while constantly being under stress from the fake collusion investigation and constant resistance from the Democrats and the media.

Born and raised

To the Dallas Cowboys fan: I was born and raised in Philadelphia and, like any big city, it has its share of bad people. I have also been to Dallas. It also has its share of bad people. If you have never been there, how do you know it is better?

The old Rudy

Remember when people admired Rudy Giuliani?

Gone is gone

Even if Trump got money for the wall, it would all be used in the lawsuits filed by ranchers who will not give up their land. The eminent domain lawsuits will go on long after Trump is gone.

Big money

Professional agitator Native American Nathan Phillips, who harassed Catholic teens, is linked to big money left-wing activism.

Balancing act

Regarding “Plow king,” I couldn’t agree more. If the township is going to grit the street every 1/5 of an inch of snow, then affix a broom to the trucks. I see the same pattern with the new street lights. Directly below is blasted with light, yet mid-block is pitch black because the lamps have no diffusers. We could use some balance.

Groundhog day

To “Pack your bags:” You have to change your news source. It is the same thing over and over again about impeaching the president. Are you related to a groundhog?

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