No wonder I’m bi-polar. Marie Osmond’s telling me “Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight. Nutri-fast, Nutri-fast, Nutri-fast.” Then Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, comes and Omaha Steaks say “Buy food, buy food, buy food.” I just don’t know what to do.


I’m glad to see Kulpmont’s finally putting two Hometown Hero flags on the poles. The town really looks nice.

Tell Trump

Having studied negotiations and arbitration techniques, the first paragraph in the primer says, “Do not insult me or your threaten your adversary. And, if unfortunately, the opposing side does those things, do not respond.” Don’t you think someone should tell the president that?

Blame game

Reading the article in the paper about the family trying to sue Knoebels. When you have an autistic child you cannot leave sight of them. And if they’re trying to say the pool was overcrowded, well, then definitely you stay there. Knoebels feels bad enough, don’t try on your loss to blame them. It was an accident that you family members should have all stayed by. Don’t accuse someone else of your negligence.

Left, not right

It’s a fallacy that Nazi, neo-Nazi and white supremacists are right wing. They are not. Their methods, practices and ideologies are of the left.

Money ploy

In regards to the Knoebels drowning of the child with autism. Although very sad, I’m in full agreement that the parents failed this boy. An unsupervised eight-year-old, especially one with impairment, should never have been left unattended. Obviously, a ploy for money.

US first

The homeless explosion in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland has resulted in urine, human feces, trash, needles and rats, causing an outbreak of typhoid fever and possible bubonic plague. Why is the priority of the Democratic liberals for humanitarian health and benefits for illegal immigrants instead of citizens of our own country. Immigration should be banned for at least the next five years, or until this country gets back to normalcy and recognizes humanitarian concerns for our own citizens and do something about it.

Dunkin’ line

That line at Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning are all working people just grabbing a coffee and donut before work. It moves very fast, all the drivers are very courteous. If ever there’s an accident there, it’ll be those drivers on Market Street who are not paying attention.

Legacy Park

I read in today’s paper that Councilwoman Moyer will read a thank you letter at her monthly meeting about Legacy Park. I hope she also includes a thank you to Shamokin Carbons for their bench, because they did all the work to create Legacy Park. They excavated, they laid the walkway, they planted the shrubs and flowers, and they installed the lighting and they paid for everything. Someone needs to thank them.

No names listed

You want to talk about uncontrollable two-year-olds? Why don’t you talk about the booze party that was busted in Den Mar Gardens with all those upstanding citizens, who can only call a pregnant, unmarried woman names. I didn’t see any names in the paper of all the underaged drinkers. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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